Equal parts Mr Black and Whistler Honey Whiskey with an orange and lime twist this cool drink is surprisingly reminiscent of a citrus infused coffee cola. The sweetness of the first sip gives way to the orange and lime notes with the coffee lingering pleasantly at the end.



 44 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 44 ml Irish Honey Whiskey(The Whistler)
 44 ml Simple Syrup
 4 dashes Orange bitters
 1 dash Fresh lime juice
 1 pt Tonic water
 1 Lime peel



Pour 44ml (1 shot) Mr Black, 44ml The Whistler Honey & Irish Whiskey Liqueur (1 shot), 44ml (1 shot) simple syrup into a highball glass and stir.


Add 4 dashes of orange bitters and 1 dash fresh lime juice.


Add a handful of ice.


Top with tonic water.


Twist lime peel over glass and run along edge, serve with peel floating on top.

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