As the days grow shorter and the air is cooler, what's better than a nice hot cup of cocoa? A boozy hot cocoa of course. And to dress it up and make you not care how cold it is outside, add some coffee, spice, whip cream and grated chocolate. .



 6 oz half and half (or milk of choice)
 2 oz coffee concentrate (or shot of espresso)
 1 oz 1 envelope favorite hot cocoa mix
 2 oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 1 oz Amaro Averna
 4 oz Mexican chocolate bitters
 1 oz cinnamon
 1 oz cayenne
 1 oz chipotle powder
 1 oz salt
Whipped Cream
 ¼ oz whipping cream
 1 oz sugar
 2 oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 1 oz grated chocolate



In a small saucepan combine 6 oz half and half (or milk of choice) and 2 oz coffee concentrate.


Heat until just a slight simmer (be careful not to bring to a boil). stir in 1 (1 oz) envelope of your favorite hot cocoa mix, a pinch of cinnamon , a pinch of salt, a pinch of cayenne powder and a pinch of chipotle powder (to your taste preference).


Stir until completely dissolved and just hotter than you like to drink. Remove from heat.


Add 2 oz Mr Black, 1 oz Amaro Averna & 4 dashes of Mexican Chocolate bitters.


Pour into a large mug and top with soft whipped cream.

Whipped Cream

(1/4 cup whipping cream, 1 or 2 tsp sugar and 2 tsp Mr Black, stir and whip to soft peaks). Garnish with grated chocolate. Curl up by a nice fire and enjoy.

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