A twist on a Surfer on Acid, with deep herbal and coffee notes that perfectly balance the brightness and sweetness of the pineapple and orgeat. Close your eyes and watch the sunset over the water while you ride down the coast in the sidecar of your cafe racer and feel the wind against your cheek.



 1 oz Pineapple rum(Plantation)
 ¾ oz Mr Black Coffee liqueur
 ¾ oz Jagermeister
 ½ oz orgeat
 1 oz pineapple juice
 ½ oz lime juice



Combine all ingredients and flash blend with crushed ice with a drink mixer.


Open pour into a tiki glass or mug. Top with crushed ice, and garnish with cinnamon, pineapple fronds, and a reusable glass or metal straw.

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  1. morgan.kirkp 13 October 2021 at 6:15 am

    You can also try adding a float of overproof demerara rum like Hamilton 151 for something a bit boozier and rum-forward!

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