Inspire by the classic cocktail Blue Hawaii, the golden color of this cocktail represent a wonderful, sunny morning in our daily life. Wake up, one sip of coffee and it’s the beginning of a day, the two layer of the cocktail also represent the dawn. It also mean that we can always have a new start everyday.
Using the acidity of fresh passion fruit juice, aroma of coconut, combine with the depthness of Mr.Black, this cocktail brings you full of passion but also a hint of gentle.



 45 ml White Rum(Bacardi Carta Blanca)
 20 ml Fresh Passion Fruit Juice
 25 ml Malibu
 25 ml Fresh Lime Juice
 15 ml Simple syrup
 20 ml Mr.Black Coffee Liqueur



Add ice and pour 20ml of Mr.Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur into a hurricane glass to let it sit on the bottom of the glass.


Add the remaining ingredient into a Boston shaker and shake to mix well.


Pour it into the hurricane glass carefully


Top it with crushed ice and garnish with half of a passion fruit and lime wheel.

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