For this cocktail my goal was to bring out the fruity and herbaceous qualities of the coffee. The combination of aquavit and grapefruit really brightens these subtle flavors without assaulting your tastebuds. The result is a surprisingly light and fruit-forward coffee cocktail that's perfect for a mid-morning brunch!

And of course there's a ton of great bars that have inspired my drink creation here in San Francisco, so I couldn't help but reference the Golden Gate as well as our infamous fog!



 1 fl oz Aquavit
 1.50 fl oz Mr Black Cold Brew coffee liqueur
 0.25 fl oz Aperol
 0.75 fl oz Pink grapefruit juice
 1 Green cardamom pod
 1 Egg white



In your shaker, add the cardamom pod and lightly crush with a muddler.


Add all other ingredients to the shaker tin (aquavit, Mr. Black, grapefruit juice, aperol, egg white).


Dry shake to emulsify the egg white.


Add ice and shake again to chill.


Double strain into a coupe glass.


Take a long pull of the grapefruit peel, and express the oil over the drink.


Garnish with the peel by placing it into the drink, wrapping around the side of the glass and sticking up partway.

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