This cocktail was a celebration of mezcal and coffee and the lovely roasted qualities these ingredients share. A few other ingredients to highlight some of the fruit and pleasant bitter qualities in the mezcal and coffee.



 1.50 oz Palo Santo infused Espadin Mezcal(Rayu)
 0.75 oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 0.25 oz Granada-Vallet
 0.15 oz Rich Cinnamon Syrup
 3 drops Chili Solution



Add ingredients to a rocks glass.


Add large dense cube and stir.


Pull a lemon and orange peel and express and cut into nice sharp rectangles, twist together.

Palo Santo Infused Mezcal

Take a small 1 inch piece of mezcal, light it until it smoulders, add 200ml of Rayu mezcal and infuse overnight, strain through coffee filter.

Chili Solution

Mix equal parts rayu sal de gusano salt and hot water until mostly dissolved and strain.

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