The ingredients are inspired by establishments on Faraday Street in Carlton (Melbourne, Australia), with Italian and French influences of this street driving the flavour profiles of the drink. Each ingredient intermingles to evince the emotion of walking down Faraday St: the Italian hues provided by Amaro Nonino and lemon are inspired by DOC, Mr Black inspired by Market Lane Coffee, whilst Cognac and Absinthe arise from the fact that Baker D Chirico produces the best croissant in Melbourne.



 45 ml Cognac(Martell VSOP))
 15 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 22.50 ml Amaro Nonino
 22.50 ml Lemon juice
 2 dashes Absinthe



Prepare your glassware (a Nick and Nora coupe is preferred) by leaving it in the freezer to chill. Prior to making the cocktail, take out the glass from the freezer, and rinse the glass with 1-2 dashes of absinthe. Dispose of any remaining absinthe.


Combine the remaining ingredients into your shaking vessel of choice (Boston, Cobbler, Parisian). Add one large cube of ice (to displace the cocktail and provide texture) and 1-2 small ice cubes (to provide requisite levels of dilution), and shake the cocktail for 12-15 seconds until the cocktail has been chilled and diluted to equilibrium.


Double strain the cocktail into absinthe-rinsed glass. Express the oils of a lemon peel, and garnish with said lemon peel.


Serve. Imbibe. Enjoy!

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