Spanish for "Bitter Devil", this cocktail initially takes you down a narrow hallway of orange & chocolate, but soon opens you up to a world of spice to complement the inner demon. Creating a spicy Coca-Cola syrup inspired me to include mezcal in my coffee Negroni and creating a red chili and black pepper-infused Campari followed soon after, developing the *perfect* amount of spice for this drink. Smoke, heat, bitter, sweet, bright and dark. Hell with a small slice of Heaven. Cheers!



 2 dashes Angosture Cocoa Bitters
 0.25 fl oz Spicy Coca-Cola reduction syrup
 0.75 fl oz Chili and peppercorn-infused Campari
 0.75 fl oz Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth
 0.75 fl oz Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur
 1.50 fl oz Mezcal (Espadin)



Add cocoa bitters, coca-cola syrup, Mr. Black, sweet vermouth, infused campari, and mezcal to glass.


Add ice and stir until reaching desired dilution


Garnish with two orange slices and a flamed sprig of rosemary



Spicy Coca-Cola Reduction

One btl Mexican Coca-Cola (12 fl. oz)
0.25 fl. oz Bittermen's Hellfire Bitters
12 dashes Peychaud's Bitters
3 cinnamon sticks, broken
1 tsp black peppercorns

1. Bring coca cola to a simmer.
2. Add roughly broken cinnamon sticks and whole peppercorns to liquid.
3. Allow liquid to evaporate until approximately 1/6 of original amount is remaining. (Approx. 15 mins)
4. Strain liquid and add Hellfire and Peychaud's Bitters to combine.

Chili and Peppercorn-infused Campari

1 cup Campari
2 red Fresno chili peppers
1 tsp black peppercorns

1. Slice chili peppers.
2. Add chili peppers and peppercorns into a sealable container. Gently muddle chili peppers to extract oils without macerating the skin of the peppers.
3. Add Campari and seal container.
4. Store in fridge and allow 12-18 hours for infusion until reaching desired spice level.
5. Once desired spice is reached, strain liquid and store in fridge.

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