I drew inspiration for this one from my good friend @cocktailcuentista who has one of the best espresso martini’s ever, it’s absolutely perfect. As I kept tinkering with different ways to make an espresso martini that was not only special in its own right, but tasted good too. I went through about half a bottle of Mr. Black trying to get it, but gravity was continuously towards Tim’s drink. So for a moment I gave up and let it be, I was happy with the other submissions I had crafted up anyhow. But then two days ago I was looking at a bottle of Monkey 47, an absolutely fantastic gin - an all time favorite of mine - and thinking about using it, knowing it’s molasses base would hold up greatly and also thinking to myself “I don’t know too many espresso martini’s using gin” next fresh fruit came to mind, some dark berries like raspberries and black berries, which I’ve been playing with often at @1900fifth lately.
Then the rest just naturally fell into place. “Ain’t That Just The Way”



 2 fl oz Gin(Monkey 47)
 1 fl oz Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur
 1.50 fl oz Espresso
 0.75 fl oz Demerara Syrup



Take a shaker and fill the base with fresh raspberries, then add two big blackberries. Then muddle the fruit, but not blasting the fruit so as to not ruin its flavor, speaking of which - fresh fruit is paramount - the richness will be lost in the cocktail if you are not using the best quality ingredients.


Once your fruit is muddled then add the remaining ingredients, ice, shake, vigorously!


Lastly fine strain into a glass you would typically enjoy “Up”.


Here I’m using a sour glass which has a delicate curved lip; accentuates the aroma from the cocktail and provides easy sipping. And add three coffee beans to rest atop, you should have a nice thick head of coffee & berry foam from a good shake.
Giving you a lovely textured taste of dark chocolate, dark berries, gentle citrus, molasses and coffee. It’s quite delightful.

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