This is a drink that represents my yearning for Australia.
Avocado is the most nutritious fruit in the world, and is called “Happiness Fruit” in Taiwan.
The first time I ate avocado was in a Cafe in Melbourne. Fried sourdough bread with butter, Vegemite spray, and avocado slices. It’s just an ordinary daily breakfast for Aussie, but for me, it’s the most impressive taste of AU.

So I choose the flavored water which mixed Vegemite and avocado seed to create the special flavor for the drink. The avocado cream on the top is just like coffee crema when drink it, you can feel fully avocado aroma first, and Vegemite will tickle your taste buds as the end.



 45 ml Mr. Black
 45 ml Vegemite Flavored water
 10 ml Cointreau
 10 ml Bobby’s Dry Gin



Combine all the ingredients into the cocktail mixing glass


Stir with ice


Strain into a chilled stemmed cocktail glass


Garnish with Roasted Cacao Bean Powder


Flavored water step:
Water 200g
One of avocado seed
Vegemite 8g
Cook for 3min


Avocado cream step:
1/4 slices of avocado
Whipping cream 15g
Milk 10g
Honey 1ml
Whisk to all of the ingredients
Then add Vodka 10ml to mixing

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