Inspired by the traditional coffee-anise flavors of a caffè corretto, the “sour” influence provides a smooth citrus and egg white note that literally and figuratively brightens the drink — and provides a white backdrop for the traditional sambuca garnish of three whole coffee beans, which symbolize health, wealth, and happiness.



 1.50 oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 1.50 oz Sambuca (Romana)
 0.50 oz Dry Curaçao (Pierre Ferrand)
 0.50 oz Fresh lemon juice
 1 Egg white (~1 oz)
 3 Coffee bean garnish (optional)



Combine liquid ingredients in a dry shaker (no ice). Shake for at least 30 seconds. Alternatively, a small milk-frothing whisk can be used for this step that builds up the egg foam.


Add ice to shaker and shake for ~15 seconds, until the shaker feels frosty.


Strain into a cocktail glass. Allow foam to settle, then float whole coffee beans on top.

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