A refreshing and energizing concoction. This drink was inspired by the Cuba Libre and I added Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur with a touch of homemade stout syrup to make it a true brew. Served in a freezer chilled frosted mug with fresh lime and mint to make the most of this refreshing experience.



 1 oz Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
 1 oz American Whiskey(Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select)
 200 ml Cola(Fever Tree)
 0.50 oz Guinness Stout Syrup
 3 drops Spiced Cherry Bitters(Woodford Reserve Barrel Aged)
 3 drops Chocolate Bitters(Woodford Reserve Barrel Aged)



Cut fresh limes into circular discs


Remove frosted glass beer mug from the freezer and add ice and fresh lime slices to frosted glass. Return glass to freezer.


Add the Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select whiskey, Guinness stout syrup and bitters to a mixing glass and stir for 10 seconds.


Remove the frosted mug from the freezer and add the alcoholic concoction.


Top off the cocktail with a bottle of Fever-tree distillers cola


Add a fresh leaf of mint


Finish the cocktail off with a spray of absinthe. I used an Atomizer Sprayer for this.

Stout Syrup

Heat a Guinness Draught stout at a low boil for 30 minutes. (I reduced 434 grams of stout to 234 grams). Mix the reduced stout with an equal amount of brown sugar by weight and 2 grams of vanilla extract. Continue at a low boil and reduce for an additional 5-10 minutes.

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