I love tiki drinks and coffee, so I started with a drink inspired by a Jungle bird and ended up moving towards something like a Mai Tai. I chose the name and garnish referencing the native Australian Red-tailed Black Cockatoo where Mr Black is made. Strong chocolatey coffee notes with herbal complexity, almond accents, and a hint of citrus brightness.



 1 oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 1 oz Dark rum
 0.50 oz Jagermeister
 0.75 oz Lime juice
 0.50 oz Orgeat
 2 dashes Orange bitters



Add ingredients to shaker tin.


Whip shake with crushed ice.


Open pour into double rocks glass or tiki glass.


Top crushed ice, cherries, pineapple fronds (optional charred, rinse after charring)

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