Coffee and Kola was developed as an after dinner digestive cocktail as a way to avoid the postprandial somnolence aka. 'food coma' that comes with finishing a hefty meal. Coffee, Ginko and bitter Kola are combined and carried by the warming cognac to pep the weariest of us back to life.



 40 ml Martell VSOP Cognac
 20 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 20 ml Ginko + Longan + Pandan + Kola Nut Syrup
 1 drop Black Walnut Bitters



Ginko Nut + Longan + Pandan + Kola Nut Syrup

1L water
2 x Fresh tied Pandan leaves
6-8 x Dried longan
3 x blocks (350g) 'Gula Aren' dark palm sugar
4 x Ginko Nuts

Bring to simmer and let reduce to 50% yield.


1/2 x cracked Kola nut

Let simmer for a short period. Strain and chill.

Fine strain through cheese cloth once chilled.

Bottle and keep chilled.


1. Combine all ingredients in a stirring glass and stir down over ice until chilled and diluted.
2. Pour into chilled double old fashioned glass.
3. Wrap pandan leaf around cubed ice and place in double old fashioned glass.

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