My inspiration was the Old Fashioned that you would sip in a speakeasy while you smoke cigars with your closest friends as the clock ticks towards midnight. This is the atmosphere that I wanted to recreate. Replacing the bourbon with the smoky Lagavulin 16, combined with Mr. Black for your extra coffee flavor and adding some a cardamom twist on your usual simple syrup to balance out the flavors. Bite down on your Maraschino cherry and take a sip of this smoky coffee Scotch mixture.



 1.50 oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 1.50 oz Islay Whisky(Lagavulin 16)
 0.50 oz Cardamom Simple Syrup
 1 Maraschino cherry



Add Mr. Black, Scotch whisky and Cardmamom Simple Syrup to a mixing glass.


Stir with ice until chilled.


Strain into old-fashioned glass with large ice cube.


Garnish with Maraschino cherry and enjoy.

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