While watching the film The Mask, I drew inspiration from the club The Coco Bongo. From there I began to cultivate what not only would comprise an enjoyable, fun cocktail that would live up to such an epic film/name. Through the process I decided on a tiki template somewhere between coffee grog and painkiller. The question still on hand, how to make a drink replicate the characters in the drink? The mix of coffee, coconut cream and pomegranate juice of course.



 1.50 oz Vodka
 ½ oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 ¼ oz Cherry Herring
 1 oz Cream of Coconut(Coco Lopez)
 ¾ oz Espresso
 ¾ oz Pomegranate juice
 ½ oz Lime



Pull espresso shot


Combine all ingredients in mixing tin


Add ice and shake vigorously for 8-10 seconds.


Fine strain


Garnish with a lime wedge and cherry.

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