What could be better than the most magical time of year? I wanted to combine my favorite season with my fond memories of Spain, a country of unparalleled food, drink, and culture. This cocktail joins fig-infused cognac, cream, and Mr. Black with Licor 43, a warming Spanish vanilla liquor, for a cocktail that evokes the Christmas season.



 1 oz Fig-infused cognac(Pierre Ferrand Ambre cognac)
 0.75 oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 0.50 oz Heavy cream
 0.50 oz Licor 43
 0.25 oz Nocino walnut liquor
 0.25 oz Simple syrup
 2 dashes Chocolate bitters
 1 dash Clove bitters
 1 pinch Grated fresh nutmeg



Infuse the cognac with figs. Chop about 1 cup mission figs in half , and combine with 10 ounces of cognac. Infuse for at least one week (ideally two).


Combine all ingredients (except the nutmeg) and shake with ice.


Strain into a rocks glass with 1 large ice cube.


Lightly grate a small amount of nutmeg as garnish.

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