I really like the magarita negra but everytime i drink it, i think, you can taste the citrus on the one side and the coffee flavour on the other. Because i´m a huge fan of tikkidrinks and i thought almond works well with coffee and also with rum, i tried to build with this drink a smooth transiton from citrus to coffee in tikkistyle.



 30 ml Jamaican dark rum (Myers)
 20 ml Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur
 20 ml Orange Liqueur(Cointreau)
 20 ml Amaretto
 5 ml Orgeat
 15 ml Cane sugar syrup
 30 ml Lime juice (fresh pressed)



Put all the ingredients in your small tin and fill your bigger thin to one third with crushed ice


Give it a good shake and do an open poor in a double rocks or a small tiki glass


Garnish with a lime wheel



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