One of the fondest memories from my honeymoon in Rome for both my wife and I, was sitting in a piazza having a croissant and a cappuccino in the morning.
To creat this cocktail I fat washed bourbon with some butter in order to remember the utter croissant. And then infused some campari with cacao nibs as my wife enjoys a chocolate croissant. Finally I decided to make this an egg white cocktail in order to get a nice foam on top along with the Mr. Blank to remember the delicious cappuccino



 1 oz Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur
 1 oz Butter washed Bourbon
 0.75 oz Cacao nib infused Campari
 0.25 oz Orange juice
 1 Egg white
 2 dashes Chocolate bitters



Dry shake all ingredients


Add ice to shaker and shake


Double strain into coupe glass


Enjoy along side a delicious chocolate croissant!

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