The Café Sweet & Sour balances having a sweet tooth and a love of gin sours with Mr Black. Sweet and spicy notes from the Licor 43 and Cinnamon Sugar rim. The use of a contemporary gin, like Hendricks, introduces even more subtle flavours that mix well with the contemporary coffee liquor that is Mr Black. The Sour component coming from the use of egg whites and dry shake preparation, common in sours.



 45 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 30 ml Gin(Hendricks)
 30 ml Vanilla Liqueur(Licor 43)
 1 Egg White
 1 tsp Sugar Syrup
 1 pinch Cinnamon Sugar



Prepare Glassware
Rim your chosen glassware using the sugar syrup and cinnamon syrup. I prefer a stemmed glass such as a coupe, however a short rocks glass is also an option


Fill Shaker
Add 45ml Mr Black, 30ml Licor 43, 30ml Gin and egg white to the shaker


Seal shaker and dry shake to combine ingredients
Add ice and wet shake


Strain and Serve
Double strain into the prepared glassware and enjoy

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