National Coffee Day and International Coffee Day sparked the crafting of this caffeinated concoction. Always a fan of mixing whiskey and coffee, this is a simple yet bold cocktail full of character and apt to please any fan of black gold. The sweetness from Mr Black Coffee liqueur balances well with added bitterness of amaro (though also lends some sweetness).



 1 oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 1 oz Bourbon Whiskey
 0.50 oz Amaro Averna
 1.50 oz Chilled Espresso



Add all contents into shaker with ice and shake vigorously to froth


Strain and serve neat in a chilled martini glass (for no dilution)
Strain and serve in a cocktail glass with ice (optional alternative: use frozen coffee cubes to balance dilution)


Top with coffee beans for an aromatic, visual touch

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