Think of heavily charred and caramelised pineapple pulled straight off the BBQ.

It's a modern tiki style drink with minimal rum that draws influence from cocktails like the Mr Bali Hai & Bitter Mai Tai.

The mezcal, Mr Black, sfumato and atomised islay whisky give this drink smokey/toasty vibes. The rum, amaro, pineapple juice and Demerara syrup give this drink over ripe tropical fruit and caramelised sugar flavours. The lemon juice balances the bitterness from the coffee/amaro and the sweetness from the pineapple and syrup.



 30 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 30 ml Mezcal (Casamigos)
 15 ml Jamaican Aged Rum(Hampden 8 yr)
 15 ml Sfumato amaro
 60 ml Pineapple juice
 22.50 ml Lemon juice
 15 ml Rich (2:1) Demerara syrup
 1 stick Pineapple
 5 drops Islay Whisky(Laphroaig)



Coat the thumb sized stick of pineapple in sugar and leave to the side for later


Combine all of the ingredients (other than pineapple stick and whisky) in the shaker fill with medium sized blocks of ice and shake hard for 10-12 seconds


Spray a double rocks glass with an atomizer full of laphroaig 5 times (not 5 drops) being sure to get most in the glass but some around it


Open gate strain into double rocks glass and fill with pebble ice


Use a kitchen torch to heavily caramalise the sugar on the pineapple… spear with a cocktail stick and place over the top of the glass


Best enjoyed without a straw to enjoy the texture the pineapple and coffee brings and to get the full smoke effect from the atomised islay whisky.

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  1. tate 11 October 2021 at 3:53 pm

    Let me know if you have any questions or are after substitutions for this cocktail. 🙂

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