We just ended a wonderful Negroni Week, so what better way then to draw inspiration from the cocktail that is a favorite amongst bartenders! Retaining the bittersweet taste profile, we chose to use an aged Gin which brings oakiness to complement the amazing coffee flavors in Mr. Black. We decided to incorporate summer fruit flavors through our Raspberry and Passion Fruit foam, just like how a great breakfast is about having a jam sandwich with a cup of hot coffee to give your day a good start!



 30 ml Aged Gin
 30 ml Mr Black
 30 Rosso Vermouth
 45 ml Raspberry & Passion Fruit Foam



Step 1:
*Raspberry & Passion Fruit Foam:
Mix 400ml Raspberry liquor with 160g fresh Passion Fruit juice (warm it up a bit no need to boil it in order to let it mix with other ingredients easier)
Prepare 0.75g Egg white powder & 2 pcs gelatin sheets (put in ice water to let it soft
Mix all ingredients and make sure egg white powder and gelatin sheets melted properly.
Put it in to siphon and charge it with CO2 bullets x2. (Make sure the mixer is not hot first).

Put it in the fridge to cool down and rest for a while.

Stir ingredients with ice in mixing glass. (30ml Aged Gin(any brand) + 30ml Mr Black + 30ml Rosso Vermouth(any brand)).
Top up the Raspberry & Passion Fruit Foam on the cocktail and ready to serve.

Glassware: Rock glass

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