The Boba Coffee Fantasy is inspired by the most popular Taiwanese drink, Bubble Milk Tea. This unusual hot coffee cocktail features coffee, brandy, milk tea and boba tapioca pearls. Coffee pairs well with brandy and blended with Mr. Black coffee liqueur to add extra depth. The brandy infused boba tapioca pearls are not only chewy and delicious, they taste full of the flavors and aromas of brandy.



 25 ml Cognac(Hennessy VS)
 18 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 10 ml Irish Cream(Baileys)
 25 ml Coffee Espresso
 6 ml Tea Syrup
 100 ml Black Tea Infused Warm Milk
 50 g Brandy Infused Boba Tapioca Pearls



Heat 100ml of milk to 45°C.


Add the black tea leaves to the heated milk and steep for 5 minutes.


Mix boba tapioca pearls with brandy and let the boba soak up the alcohol.


Place the brandy infused boba tapioca pearls at the bottom of Colin glass.


Pour Hennessy VS, Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur, Baileys Cream Liqueur and Tea Syrup into Colin glass.


Froth and steam black tea infused warm milk and pour frothed milk into Colin glass.


Stir thoroughly with a bar spoon.


Slowly pour the espresso into the center of the frothed milk.

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