Tea and coffee mix is one of my favorite concoction speaking of coffee cocktails. Mr.Black has its own special flavor profiles to perfectly balance with black tea.

The strong mix of black tea and Mr.black leads to a very nutty and creamy body to this cocktail, but also mellow in coffee aroma along with spicy finish like cinnamon, raisin and smoky honey.

The tea represent my culture from Taiwan and coffee means my daily passion for bartending profession! (we indeed need some caffeine 😉 )



 30 ml Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur
 30 ml Dark Rum
 15 ml Black tea syrup
 15 ml Clarified Pineapple Juice



Put together [black tea 30g, water 300g] at 90c to release black tea and add [sugar 300g] to disslove


Adding agar to fresh pineapple juice to clarify, taste to adjust


Mix all ingredients together and stir till cold, strain out to chilled tea glass/cup.


Add in a good quality ice to serve.


It's done!

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