This cocktail is a fruity and floral mix of coffee, lavender and Blanche d'Armagnac which is an unaged armagnac (french brandy) very similar to a quebranta pisco. The idea came when I decided to put a lavender syrup I had into my coffee to sweeten it. It was a blast so I applied it to my cocktail work.



 30 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 45 ml Blanche d'Armagnac
 22.50 ml Homemade Lavender Syrup (1:1 ratio)
 15 ml Lemon Juice
 2 dashes Xocoatl Bitters



For the lavender syrup, prepare a 1:1 simple syrup and infuse 15g of lavender flowers for 30cl of syrup. Let rest for 5-6 hours and strain out the lavender.


Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker.


Shake and fine strain into a refreshed coupe glass.

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