The Black Laguna takes inspiration on the story behind its ingredients. The region of Ayarza, where this coffee is produced, is characterised by the cold blue water from the Laguna de Ayarza and Laguna Azul.
Guava and Hazelnut flavours pairs the Hennessy, and the South American wine with chocolate and coffee notes fit in well with the Mr Black Liqueur.

The reason I used red wine and coffee is to tie in with the venue where I work, a coffee shop in the day and a wine tasting room in the night.



 35 ml CognacHennessy
 15 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 25 ml Garzon Reserve Tannat Red Wine
 25 ml Guatemala Ayarza Natural Coffee
 20 ml Home Made Orgeat
 2 dashes Vanilla Bitters
 1 Egg White



Grind and freshly brew the coffee so that you have the freshest possible flavour.


Add all the ingredients to your cocktail tin, leaving your egg white in a separate tin.


Wet shake the cocktail first, then dry shake it to give the nice thick head.


Double strain into your chilled glass.


Grate some nutmeg on top for your garnish.

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