A beautiful mid of different beans and nut, hints of wasabi and fresh tomato



 30 ml Mr Black
 20 ml Chocolate infused Bombay Sapphire
 10 ml Amotillado Sherry
 15 ml Tomato Juice
 15 ml Pistachio-Wasabi Orgeat



Pistachio-Wasabi Orgeat Syrup:
40grs wasabi paste
50 grs sugar
150ml water
- roast the pistachios, add them to a pot with hot water. Add everything to a blender (together with the wasabi) and blend until a uniform paste is formed
Strain and bottle


For the Chocolate Infused Bombay
Melt 200 grs 80% chocolate and add to a glass together with 750 ml gin, let it set for a week and strain the chunks


Add al the ingredient in a Boston shaker, shake for 30 second and double strain in a chilled Turkish tee glass. Garnish with dried tomato, coffee beans, cacao beans and pistachios

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