Coffee, estery rum and banana is a wonderfully underrated combination. I've tried various methods of the combo and this was the most successful.

An old fashioned style drink, it mixes the aged Scottish Pot still distilled Revenge rum from Orkney with Tempus Fugit Banane with the Mr Black Coffee Amaro and Malagasy Chocolate bitters with a hint of absinthe for a supremely deep and decadent dark stirred and boozy serve



 60 ml Pot Still Rum(J Gow Revenge 3yo)
 20 ml Mr Black Coffee Amaro
 10 ml Crème de Banane(Tempus Fugit)
 2 dashes Malagasy Chocolate bitters(Bittered Sling)
 1 drop Scottish Absinthe(Loch Ness)



Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass


Stir down with plenty ice


Pour over a large cube


Cut some lime peel and light a match. Express oils over surface of drink over the match

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