My cocktail is inspired by my Latin American heritage my cocktail Aztec Dragon has mezcal espadín with taste of tropical notes , red dragon fruit to get this lovely red velvet color and notes of kiwi and pears , coconut milk to add some tropical notes to my cocktail , fresh lime juice and Mr Black coffee liqueur to add some powerful notes of coffee to my drink.



 1 oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 1 ¼ oz Mezcal Espadín
 1 oz Coconut milk unsweetened
 1 oz Red dragon fruit syrup
 ¾ oz Fresh lime juice



Built the ingredients into the Collins glass with crush and stir with a swizzle stick for 5 seconds and add more ice .


Glassware: Collins class.


Garnish : banana leaf fan and butterflies

Red dragon syrup

Red dragon fruit juice 250 ml and 250 ml sugar stir for 1 minute into a pan medium head the save into the fridge

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