How about taking a rich taste coffee cocktail with you in normal night?
Releasing coffee vibe? Healing floral? Herbal maybe? You can have it all!!!
The nutty and grassy from Mezcal, Sloe gin owns berries and floral flavor, ice drop coffee brings some fruity, a bit of lime breath from lavender. All of the ingredients are run around the flavors of Mr. Black. A layering savory cocktail because of the salt added, and you can find a bright coffee sweetness as the aftertaste.
Yes, The World's Best!



 30 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 40 ml Mezcal (Se Busca Mezcal Reposado)
 20 ml Sloe Gin (Monkey 47)
 20 ml Iced drop coffee (mixed beans: Honduras, Columbia, Ethiopia)(Medium roast)
 10 ml Lavender syrup (Monin)
 0.05 g Smoky salt



Combine all the ingredients in to cocktail shaker.


Shake with ice.


Double strain into a chilled stemmed cocktail glass.


Garnish with half rim of coffee powder and a stalk of lavender.


1. Iced drop coffee taking more time than espresso and cold brew coffee, this method can keeping elegant bitter flavor and saving more fruity than others. To crutch the amazing flavor from Mr. Black not the be drown by other ingredients.
2.Using smoky salt is to echo the flavor from Mezcal by traditional baked process.

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