This Spiced Rum Espresso Martini is both decadent and smooth, while still rendering a clear espresso note carried throughout it.
I decided to use a Haitian spiced rum in place of vodka to give this classic cocktail the warm spice notes of fall. A touch of full fat oat milk creates a a creamy mouth feel while still remaining dairy free.



 1.50 oz Haitian Rhum(Barbancourt)
 1 oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 0.25 oz Vanilla bean simple syrup
 1 oz Fresh brewed Espresso (chilled)
 0.50 oz Full fat Oatly Oat milk
 5 tbsp Café batido foam (2 tbsp café batido instant coffee mixed with 2 tbsp warm water and 1 tbsp vanilla syrup. Whip until frothy.
 1 tsp Dark Chocolate covered espresso beans



In a cocktail shaker over ice add the rum, vanilla syrup, espresso & oat milk and shake vigorously until well chilled.


Set aside and make your café batido foam by adding to a glass 2 tbsp café batido instant coffee, 2 tbsp warm water and 1 tbsp vanilla syrup. Use a handheld coffee frother to whip the mixture until it turns to a thick foam.


Set aside.


Reshake your cocktail briefly and strain into a chilled coupe glass.


Top with café batido foam and top with dark chocolate covered espresso beans.


Take a sip and enjoy!

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