Coffee is classic for after dinner, and I thought a flip was well-suited to capture that. The other ingredients reflect that theme; brandy, the classic after-dinner spirit, a trio of digestivo amari, and my new favorite pairing of orange and Xocolatl Mole bitters. Finally, a dusting of fresh cinnamon and an orange peel.

It opens strong with brandy and coffee and the aroma of cinnamon and orange. It's very creamy and lightly sweet before finishing bitter with cacao, orange, and slight menthol.



 1 ½ oz Brandy(Bertoux)
 ½ oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 ¼ oz Amaro Montenegro
 ¼ oz Cynar
 1 tsp Fernet-Branca
 ¼ oz Simple syrup (1:1)
 1 dash Xocolatl Mole bitters (10 drops)
 1 dash Orange bitters
 1 Egg (raw, whole)
 Freshly grated cinnamon (for garnish)
 1 Orange twist (for garnish)



Add all ingredients (except orange twist and cinnamon) to a shaker.


Dry shake (without ice) for about 30 seconds to emulsify the egg.


Add ice, and shake again until well-chilled.


Double-strain into chilled coupe glass.


Grate some fresh cinnamon (preferably Cassia) over the top.


Express an orange twist over the drink, rub it around the rim of the glass, and place it on the rim of the glass for garnish.

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