The cocktail features global ingredients; Spanish Amontillado sherry, Italian Prosecco, French Kummel, and Australian Mr. Black. From my affinity for birds & birdwatching, and the variety of yellow birds in the above countries, the drink is named for “a yellow bird” and not any yellow bird in particular. The earthy caraway in the kummel meshes with nutty, light orange notes in the sherry, and fresh coffee notes from Mr. Black. Pineapple and Prosecco bring lively freshness and balance. Cheers!



 20 ml Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur
 15 ml Kummel Combier Doppelt
 30 ml Amontillado SherryHartley & Gibson
 30 ml Pineapple Juice
 15 ml Lime Juice
 30 ml Prosecco



Add all ingredients to a shaker except the prosecco, and shake with ice for around 7 seconds


Strain over cubes of clear ice into a collins glass, top with Prosecco


Garnish with a bouquet of mint and lime wheel.


Finish with a single spritz of Mr. Black over the head of foam

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  1. Ben Gourley 14 October 2021 at 4:34 am

    Good stuff right here

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