Featuring a delicate blend of coffee liqueur, cognac, cherries, and mulled wine, this cocktail is reminiscent of spending winter evening huddled up near a fireplace. Inspired by a traditional mulled wine and a Hot Toddy, this cocktail is served hot, leaving a warm lingering taste of spiced coffee on the palette.



 30 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 30 ml VS Cognac(Hennessy)
 30 ml Mulled Red Wine Blend (CGSM)(Frederick Stevenson)
 5 ml Ginger Honey Syrup
 1 dash Fresh Lemon Juice
 15 ml Cherry Heering
Mulled Wine
 1 cup Red Wine Blend (CGSM)(Frederick Stevenson)
 1 stick Cinnamon
 1 Star Anise
 1 Orange Rind
 5 g Mace
 5 g Wattleseed
 5 g Casscara
 30 ml Simple Syrup



- Prepare Mulled wine -
Ingredients :
- 1 cup Frederick Stevenson CGSM
- 1 cinnamon stick
- 1 star anise
- 1 orange rind
- 5 grams Mace
- 5 grams Wattleseed
- 5 grams Casscara
- 30ml Simple Syrup

Combine ingredients into pot and stir on medium heat until steaming


- Prepare Ginger Honey Syrup -
- 30ml Fresh Ginger Juice
- 30ml Honey
- 20ml Sugar


- Burned At Both Ends -
Combine in pot
- 30ml of Mulled Wine
- 30ml of Mr Black coffee liqueur
- 30ml Hennessy Cognac
- 15ml Cherry Heering
- 5ml Ginger Honey Syrup
- 1 dash of lemon juice

Stir over low heat until steaming


Double strain into heatproof rocks glass


Garnish with torched cinnamon stick

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