Top 10 Cocktails from the Cocktail Challenge!

Posted by Steve the Bartender

The Coffee Cocktail Challenge received over 880 entries this year!! There were 5 judges picks and 5 publicly voted finalists. These are the recipes for the top 10 finalists and if you’re looking for a special syrup/ingredient then you can find it here:

Muerto Bali Hai – How to Make the Coffee and Mezcal Tiki Drink

Posted by Distinguished Spirits

Here’s how to make the Muerto Bali Hai, a tequila and mezcal remix of the classic tiki cocktail, Mr. Bali Hai.

How to make a signature cocktail

Posted by Steve the Bartender

Want to make a signature cocktail for a wedding drinks menu or for your bar? I use the following technique to create original cocktails. First, pick a classic cocktail or a cocktail family (sour, bittered sling, collins, cobbler, etc.) and substitute some or all of the ingredients (keeping the balance in mind ie. sub spirit for spirit, liqueur for liqueur, acidic components such as citrus for other acidic components, etc.).

Here’s an easy example… a classic Old Fashioned (also known as a bittered sling) is made with whiskey, sugar and bitters. Make the following substitutions: whiskey becomes rum, sugar becomes maple and aromatic bitters becomes chocolate bitters… and you’ve just made a Maple Rum Old Fashioned using the Old Fashioned / Bittered Sling as a template!

New Unique Coffee Cocktail with Cucumber

Posted by Vlad SlickBartender

It’s time for the 2nd annual Mr. Black Global Cocktail Challenge hosted by Steve the Bartender. Beginning September 29th you have two weeks to submit your original creation of a Mr. Black coffee liqueur cocktail for a chance to win up to $2450 worth of prizes.

Make your own Pumpkin Spice | How to Drink

Posted by How to Drink

Mr Black is hosting their second annual Global Coffee Cocktail Challenge and are accepting entries beginning on September 29, 2021. They asked me to create a cocktail to help inspire your creations and as it is fall I thought this was a perfect opportunity to create a Pumpkin Spice Cocktail.

The BEST coffee cocktail I could make

Posted by The Educated Barfly

Today’s video is not only a partnership with Mr. Black (our favorite coffee liqueur) but also helping them to promote their Second Annual Global Coffee Cocktail Challenge and ya’ll get to submit your recipes for a chance to win a pretty epic Gift Box (worth over 2k mind you). So in the spirit of the challenge I thought I’d create a cocktail alongside you all. Hope you find this video inspiring and you all go out! Make some inventive cocktails and kill it!

Mr Swizzle: Last years winner

Posted by Steve the Bartender 

Mr Swizzle by Nathan Robinson was the winner of the 2020 Coffee Cocktail Challenge that I hosted with Mr Black Spirits. Nathan wanted to create something refreshing and bright by combining the burnt sugar flavors of Demerara rum, honey and coffee. This depth is opened up by the lemon juice base and the clove spiced notes of the falernum.

2021 Coffee Cocktail Challenge!

Posted by Steve the Bartender 

The Mr Black Coffee Cocktail Challenge is back again for 2021. I have partnered with the Mr Black team for the second year of the Coffee Cocktail Challenge. The challenge gives at-home bartenders and cocktail fanatics the chance to showcase their best coffee cocktails made with Mr Black.


Posted by Steve the Bartender 

See which coffee cocktail caught the judge’s eyes last year and took out the 2020 Coffee Cocktail Competition. After 8 weeks of winners, the final cocktails were tasted by the Judging Panel in which the Grand Prize winner was selected.

Bartender’s Guide To Making Foamy Espresso Martinis

Posted by Mr Black Spirits 

We get asked time and time again: how do you get the foam on top of the Espresso Martini? We took a deep dive on one of our favourite coffee cocktails to show you how to make the frothiest, foamiest, (dare we say) the ULTIMATE Espresso Martini.

Coffee Cocktails with Mr Black: Cold Brew Cocktails for Summer

Posted by Mr Black Spirits 

Coffee Cocktails with Mr Black: Cold Brew Cocktails for Summer