Earl Black
This cocktail was inspired by my favorite decadent cocktail, the Atholl Brose. I wanted to make a variation on it using Mr Black and tikified! It is a delicious and rich dessert drink, but not too sweet believe it or not. The drink’s namesake is an Australian heavyweight wrestler, Earl Black, instead of the Earl of Atholl. His career was cut short by injuries, but he held the Australian heavyweight title. He was said to be a sadist with a heart of gold, this is a toast to the champ!
Molasses Swizzle
This cocktail is a tiki drink playing on the dark notes of molasses from the dark rum, demerara simple syrup, and Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur. The lime and honey provide freshness to an otherwise very heavy drink, and the Allspice dram, Angostura bitters, and absinthe add spice that increase the depth and longevity of the drink on the palette. This cocktail is based on the 20-70 Swizzle from Martin & Rebecca Cate's Smuggler's Cove.
Mr Bali Shy
If coffee isn't the first thing you think of when someone mentions tiki cocktails, you'd be forgiven. But think about it. Coffee comes from the same places as a lot of the beautiful ingredients for classic tiki drinks! Taking inspiration from the fantastic Mr Bali Hai, I used a milk punch base to soften things up on the rum side before coming in with the tropics! It may be a little shy coming together, but the results are well worth the wait!
Resilience is a refreshing tropical cocktail that has complex layers of coffee ground notes, spices, and nuttiness. This cocktail is created to honor the people who work behind the scene to make Mr.Black possible- the farmers. They are the ones who are up early in the morning and might not leave the farm till the sun goes down at night. After a long day, this cocktail is a perfect self-reward.
Café & Cross
I got into cocktails during quarantine and fell in love with Mr. Black. I also fell in love with rum and Smith & Cross is among my favorites. I think this cocktail brings some tropical funk and spice to Mr. Black that works very well. Cheers!
Super Drunk Uncle on Holiday
My attempt at a slightly tikified/tropical version of one my favourite drinks, the Super Drunk Uncle by Johnny Swet. It’s usually a playful mix of scotch, drambuie lemon juice and orange curaçao, topped with an IPA beer. I wanted to keep the same idea but make it a dark, tikified, tropical drink. I swapped the lemon out for orange and pineapple, replaced drambuie with falernum to give it a slightly spicy edge, and used a mix of Jamaican and Barbadian rums in place of the usual scotch to really turn up the dial on the tropical. The addition of Mr Black rounds off the drink with a coffee bitterness that balances nicely with the inherent sweetness, and the use of a coffee Porter instead of an IPA highlights the coffee. My measurements are quite small due to my glassware, but feel free to up the proportions to fit whatever glass you have!
A Wake at Noon
Feeling like death after a night out? Ummm, its turns out you are dead. Luckily a little hair of the dog can wake you up just in time for your funeral. The lemon and pineapple juices bring brightness to this Tiki cocktail, inspired by the "Painkiller". To bad that will not be the cure to your crazy night....
Monte Caffe
A coffee twist on one of my favorite improved whiskey cocktails.
My (Tai) Morning Coffee
I love Mai Tais and other tiki drinks, and I love boozy coffee. So I decided to combine the two! The title was inspired by this song.
Inspired by the tiki drink, Mr Bali Hai, coffee and orange is such a nice pairing and it can be utilise to make a refreshing drink. So why not combined both into a tiki style drink. The orange olea saccrum adds a subtle bitter sweetness to that really enhances the coffee flavour of Mr Black with the rums giving it some body to the drink. Will this Orange be the new black?
Kentucky Tar
The Kentucky Tar came from sitting at the bar on an admin shift, dreaming about the months to come and the seasonal cakes that arise with them. The two that came straight to mind were Black Velvet and the Black Forest cake, that's always passed around Christmas night. Rich coffee with a chocolate and cherry tart backbone brings that immense dessert sensation I searched for. Buffalo Trace is a homage to the whiskey that has created my career. Tepache for a complex tiki style clash with coffee.
Killer Coffee
This drink pays homage to my favorite coffee around, Dutch Bros, and their slogan "killer coffee" as well as being a play on the original drink that this is a riff on (which shall not be named). Incorporating Mr Black and an espresso shot in the drink makes this a tiki-like drink to keep you around for the next one. Use almost any aged Rum you wish, except Pusser's for some reason. I'm using Plantation 5yr here, but a funky Jamaican would also be a solid choice as long as it goes with your espresso.
Privateer’s Handshake
I had the idea of fat-washing pineapple rum with coconut oil to make a variation of an old fashioned, but with rum and a completely different flavor. This worked out amazing, and then I realized that Mr. Blacks would work really well instead of Demerara syrup, so that’s essentially how this drink came to be. The beauty is in the simplicity. It’s still surprisingly complex in flavor though so it delivers on all fronts. This is probably one my favorite things I have created. I hope you enjoy it!
Mr. Black’s Rum Barrel
For this cocktail, I wanted to create a drink that was rich, coffee forward, and inspired by my love for Tiki. Coffee is at the forefront here, with Mr. Black and Espresso, complemented by two rich, dark rums. Campari brings strong orange flavor, rounded out by the candy-like sweetness of oleo-saccharum. The drink finishes with a pleasantly bitter coffee and chocolate flavor that lingers on the palate. The mouthfeel is velvety smooth, with a long lasting creamy head.
The Ancient Highlander
Tiki and coffee are 2 of my favorite things, so I was immediately inspired to combine them for this contest. Coffee made me think of a local Ohio roaster's delicious Highlander Grogg (the only flavored coffee I buy for personal consumption!), which in turn made me think of Navy Grog and its descendants, including the Ancient Mariner. Thus the Ancient Highlander was born. I utilized 3 other Ohio products in my specs, but alternatives should be available.
Caribbean Christmas
The dark, velvety flavor and texture of Mr. Black when paired with orange flavors, reminds me of dark chocolate and orange zest, which brings me back to Christmas mornings as a child. But here in Arizona, Christmas can be quite warm, so I wanted that nostalgia, but in a tropical, mai-tai inspired drink. This drink has all the decadent flavors and spice of the Holidays, balanced with tiki inspiration. This works if you're curled up in front of a fire, or relaxing on a hot, sandy beach somewhere.
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