Earl Black
This cocktail was inspired by my favorite decadent cocktail, the Atholl Brose. I wanted to make a variation on it using Mr Black and tikified! It is a delicious and rich dessert drink, but not too sweet believe it or not. The drink’s namesake is an Australian heavyweight wrestler, Earl Black, instead of the Earl of Atholl. His career was cut short by injuries, but he held the Australian heavyweight title. He was said to be a sadist with a heart of gold, this is a toast to the champ!
Mr. Sandman
This elegent manhattan inspired cocktail has cherry and coffee flavors acompanied by oaky tequila and mexican spice. With the decadent addition of the smoked chilli whip cream this cocktail is a perfect nightcap drink, hence Mr. Sandman
Witches’ Brew
My Uncle brought back pumpkin seed oil from his trip to Austria and I absolutely fell in love with it! I wanted to incorporate it into a cocktail. While fat washing was an option, I remembered trying the Oliveto cocktail when it was in one of Steve’s emails. The dryness and slight flavor it imparted to the sour captivated me. So, I decided to make a savory and earthy variation using Mezcal and pumpkin seed oil. It’s an absolutely unique cocktail that starts deceivingly light and develops into a smokey, vegetal, earthy brew that make me feel like I’m drinking a witch’s potion. I decided to have fun with the fanfare and embrace the imagery of a bubbling cauldron and use ingredients I thought could belong to a witch.
The first Mr Black Cocktail I had was Greg from How To Drink’s Cold Brew Shakerato. I loved the complex coffee notes in a bright and bitter context. It was a great fit for Mr Black. I wanted to create a similar equal parts cocktail. It’s well balanced and changes from a bright and fruity sour to a rich lingering bitterness due to the Mr Black and vermouth. This drink began life as a red hook variation, so it’s named after my favorite hook handed pirate Warlord, Crocodile. *Pepper tincture is optional but highly recommended
Jungle Bean
Jungle Bean brings the funk. A beautiful blend of overripe tropical banana funk and rich Demerara is enhanced with Mr. Black's bright bittersweet coffee. Talk a walk on the funky side.
Villa Rica
Coffee should be the central star and protagonist in this challenge. I´m Dutch-Mexican, living on the Spanish Canary Islands, and wanted to go back to my roots. How did coffee originally get into Mexico, many centuries ago? Through the port of Veracruz. Where is my wife from? From Veracruz. What was the original name when Veracruz got founded by Spaniard Hernán Cortes? Villa Rica de Vera Cruz. Need I say more? Inspired by the traditional Mexican Café de Olla: coffee with cinnamon and piloncillo.
Molasses Swizzle
This cocktail is a tiki drink playing on the dark notes of molasses from the dark rum, demerara simple syrup, and Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur. The lime and honey provide freshness to an otherwise very heavy drink, and the Allspice dram, Angostura bitters, and absinthe add spice that increase the depth and longevity of the drink on the palette. This cocktail is based on the 20-70 Swizzle from Martin & Rebecca Cate's Smuggler's Cove.
Mister B. Happy
Combine Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, Disaronna, Lemon Juice, Mandarin Orange Juice, and Ginger Liqueur in a shaker tin with ice. Shake for 10-12 seconds to chill and combine. Double strain into a highball glass filled with ice. Add Club Soda and stir lightly to combine. Garnish with Lemon and Orange Peel.
The Mezcal Brunch
The recent return of cooler temperatures put me in the mood for something smoky and rich. So, Mezcal was the first thing that came to mind and it pairs wonderfully with the bittersweet coffee of Mr. Black. A little rich cinnamon syrup adds in some warm spices. An egg white adds the creamy smooth texture. Throw in some fresh orange juice and you have a Mezcal Brunch. Enjoy!
The Coffee Jerk Daiquiri
This is a slightly spicy daiquiri, featuring a jerk spiced simple syrup and hot sauce, tempered by Mr. Black and a nice Jamaican rum. I drew inspiration from the tropical climates needed to grow coffee, which led me to rum and spices. All of this led me here, to this tasty twist on a classic.
Mr Black Boomerang
I recently found and fell in love with this liquor called Boomerang from Washington state. When thinking over coffee flavors, I knew I wanted to let the coffee shine in a simple cocktail, but elevated in a way that brings out some of the more complex notes in coffee. This nails it! With notes of cherry, apricot, orange, walnut, cinnamon, vanilla, and peppercorn - the Boomerang liquor brings the coffee alive with a bold rye backbone to hold it all together. Delicious!
Black on Black
I was looking to add a bit of smoke to some otherwise sweet and mellow flavors. The Johnnie Walker Black was a nice compliment to the coffee flavor of the Mr. Black.
Black Harvest
I wanted something creamy with some of my favorite fall flavors, but I didn't want any one flavor to stand out above the others. This is a nice balancing act that everyone could love.
Mr Bali Shy
If coffee isn't the first thing you think of when someone mentions tiki cocktails, you'd be forgiven. But think about it. Coffee comes from the same places as a lot of the beautiful ingredients for classic tiki drinks! Taking inspiration from the fantastic Mr Bali Hai, I used a milk punch base to soften things up on the rum side before coming in with the tropics! It may be a little shy coming together, but the results are well worth the wait!
Triple Black Flip
I've been experimenting with flips lately. This one gives Mr. Black Amaro a chance to shine, mellowed by the smoothness of the egg, but then brought back to life by the black walnut bitters.
… It’s in the details. A Mezcal Cafe Negroni. @delmagueymezcal and their spectacular single village mezcals are truly a treat, each in their own regard; Chichicapa played a big role in crafting this drink. It’s a lovely sipping spirit, and should only be used in cocktails lovingly. And for this drink it’s the only spirit that can get the job done, everything else was built around it.
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