Earl Black
This cocktail was inspired by my favorite decadent cocktail, the Atholl Brose. I wanted to make a variation on it using Mr Black and tikified! It is a delicious and rich dessert drink, but not too sweet believe it or not. The drink’s namesake is an Australian heavyweight wrestler, Earl Black, instead of the Earl of Atholl. His career was cut short by injuries, but he held the Australian heavyweight title. He was said to be a sadist with a heart of gold, this is a toast to the champ!
Mr. Sandman
This elegent manhattan inspired cocktail has cherry and coffee flavors acompanied by oaky tequila and mexican spice. With the decadent addition of the smoked chilli whip cream this cocktail is a perfect nightcap drink, hence Mr. Sandman
Witches’ Brew
My Uncle brought back pumpkin seed oil from his trip to Austria and I absolutely fell in love with it! I wanted to incorporate it into a cocktail. While fat washing was an option, I remembered trying the Oliveto cocktail when it was in one of Steve’s emails. The dryness and slight flavor it imparted to the sour captivated me. So, I decided to make a savory and earthy variation using Mezcal and pumpkin seed oil. It’s an absolutely unique cocktail that starts deceivingly light and develops into a smokey, vegetal, earthy brew that make me feel like I’m drinking a witch’s potion. I decided to have fun with the fanfare and embrace the imagery of a bubbling cauldron and use ingredients I thought could belong to a witch.
The first Mr Black Cocktail I had was Greg from How To Drink’s Cold Brew Shakerato. I loved the complex coffee notes in a bright and bitter context. It was a great fit for Mr Black. I wanted to create a similar equal parts cocktail. It’s well balanced and changes from a bright and fruity sour to a rich lingering bitterness due to the Mr Black and vermouth. This drink began life as a red hook variation, so it’s named after my favorite hook handed pirate Warlord, Crocodile. *Pepper tincture is optional but highly recommended
Jungle Bean
Jungle Bean brings the funk. A beautiful blend of overripe tropical banana funk and rich Demerara is enhanced with Mr. Black's bright bittersweet coffee. Talk a walk on the funky side.
Villa Rica
Coffee should be the central star and protagonist in this challenge. I´m Dutch-Mexican, living on the Spanish Canary Islands, and wanted to go back to my roots. How did coffee originally get into Mexico, many centuries ago? Through the port of Veracruz. Where is my wife from? From Veracruz. What was the original name when Veracruz got founded by Spaniard Hernán Cortes? Villa Rica de Vera Cruz. Need I say more? Inspired by the traditional Mexican Café de Olla: coffee with cinnamon and piloncillo.
Molasses Swizzle
This cocktail is a tiki drink playing on the dark notes of molasses from the dark rum, demerara simple syrup, and Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur. The lime and honey provide freshness to an otherwise very heavy drink, and the Allspice dram, Angostura bitters, and absinthe add spice that increase the depth and longevity of the drink on the palette. This cocktail is based on the 20-70 Swizzle from Martin & Rebecca Cate's Smuggler's Cove.
Mister B. Happy
Combine Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, Disaronna, Lemon Juice, Mandarin Orange Juice, and Ginger Liqueur in a shaker tin with ice. Shake for 10-12 seconds to chill and combine. Double strain into a highball glass filled with ice. Add Club Soda and stir lightly to combine. Garnish with Lemon and Orange Peel.
The Mezcal Brunch
The recent return of cooler temperatures put me in the mood for something smoky and rich. So, Mezcal was the first thing that came to mind and it pairs wonderfully with the bittersweet coffee of Mr. Black. A little rich cinnamon syrup adds in some warm spices. An egg white adds the creamy smooth texture. Throw in some fresh orange juice and you have a Mezcal Brunch. Enjoy!
The Coffee Jerk Daiquiri
This is a slightly spicy daiquiri, featuring a jerk spiced simple syrup and hot sauce, tempered by Mr. Black and a nice Jamaican rum. I drew inspiration from the tropical climates needed to grow coffee, which led me to rum and spices. All of this led me here, to this tasty twist on a classic.
Mr Black Boomerang
I recently found and fell in love with this liquor called Boomerang from Washington state. When thinking over coffee flavors, I knew I wanted to let the coffee shine in a simple cocktail, but elevated in a way that brings out some of the more complex notes in coffee. This nails it! With notes of cherry, apricot, orange, walnut, cinnamon, vanilla, and peppercorn - the Boomerang liquor brings the coffee alive with a bold rye backbone to hold it all together. Delicious!
Black on Black
I was looking to add a bit of smoke to some otherwise sweet and mellow flavors. The Johnnie Walker Black was a nice compliment to the coffee flavor of the Mr. Black.
Black Harvest
I wanted something creamy with some of my favorite fall flavors, but I didn't want any one flavor to stand out above the others. This is a nice balancing act that everyone could love.
Mr Bali Shy
If coffee isn't the first thing you think of when someone mentions tiki cocktails, you'd be forgiven. But think about it. Coffee comes from the same places as a lot of the beautiful ingredients for classic tiki drinks! Taking inspiration from the fantastic Mr Bali Hai, I used a milk punch base to soften things up on the rum side before coming in with the tropics! It may be a little shy coming together, but the results are well worth the wait!
Triple Black Flip
I've been experimenting with flips lately. This one gives Mr. Black Amaro a chance to shine, mellowed by the smoothness of the egg, but then brought back to life by the black walnut bitters.
… It’s in the details. A Mezcal Cafe Negroni. @delmagueymezcal and their spectacular single village mezcals are truly a treat, each in their own regard; Chichicapa played a big role in crafting this drink. It’s a lovely sipping spirit, and should only be used in cocktails lovingly. And for this drink it’s the only spirit that can get the job done, everything else was built around it.
3 Whispers
Who doesn't love a little coffee n cream? A bit of chocolate, a bit of almond. It all comes together to just hint at each flavor, one by one, yet all in harmony. Just quiet whispers of a relaxing dream.
Mr. Rapido
Mr. Rapido is born out a love for coffee, Mezcal and Negronis. Well balanced with notes of smoke, coffee and light bitter herbaceous ness. The vermouth used is lighter and adds notes of chocolate which play well with chocolate mole bitters. Working in cocktail bars, Mezcalerias and Italian restaurants help bring together this magical cocktail.
Piña Noir
For the past seven years I’ve been immersed in the Hispanic culture. This included drinking coffee with every meal and getting familiar with lot of different spices. These new aspects of my life were key into the creation of my cocktail. This cocktail represents the flavor profile I’ve fallen in love with. This is a coffee forward cocktail with a bit of sweetness and spice. Everything I’ve come to love. The flavors really pair well together to create such a deliciously spicy low abv coffee cocktail perfect for the Houston heat.
Sublevación de Café
Having played around with the recipe for Whiskey Rebellion for a few years (mostly just exchanging whiskey for other base spirits) I figured switching the Pimm's for Mr Black would be good, but wasn't too impressed with the result and moved on. However, when I first heard of the competiton I figured I'd put a bit more effort into making something of my idea, ultimately replacing every ingredient, ending up with something less quaffable than the original but, I'd like to think, more interesting.
Resilience is a refreshing tropical cocktail that has complex layers of coffee ground notes, spices, and nuttiness. This cocktail is created to honor the people who work behind the scene to make Mr.Black possible- the farmers. They are the ones who are up early in the morning and might not leave the farm till the sun goes down at night. After a long day, this cocktail is a perfect self-reward.
Coffee Continental
Coffee paired with citrus and spice reminds me of my travels. I always enjoy trying the local twist on a cup of coffee, and this cocktail provides my own variation. With ingredients from all corners of the globe, this cocktail is a vibrant blend of international flavors.
Brown Sugar
This one is just fun because it's a bit of everything. Cognac, vodka, and gin based liquors with seriously different and bold flavors. My intention was to call this a "Say What, Now?" but the flavor ended up being like the freshest, richest brown sugar. Somehow perfect for a dessert drink, but bold enough to serve with a BBQ beef rib. Reduce amount of syrup if less sweet is desired.
Sunset in São Paolo
This cocktail was inspired by my recent fascination and appreciation of cachaça and my long-standing love for coffee. The scientist in me has been intrigued with the process of clarifying cocktails, and I thought this might be a unique opportunity to create a drink that had a definitive coffee flavor with a refined structure and nice aesthetics. After clarification, the drink still had a strong golden hue, so I decided to add a little blueberry liquor to add a bitter note and amber-ish color.
Black Lipstick
Inspired by a raspberry-lemon-coffee sour beer from a local brewery. Aroma of subtle cacao and lemon citrus, semi-sweet cold brew in flavor, with a mildly bitter Aperol presence and tart lemon citrus finish. Trickles of fresh raspberry, vanilla bean “fatness,” and all beneath a pillow of fluffy egg white. Dynamically and encouragingly drinkable.
Nuts & Beans
The main inspiration was the star of the show - Mr Black. I stuck to the nuts and bolts of flavour — sweet, sour, bitter, umami — and carefully picked the other ingredients to create a synergy that highlights all the different facets of this wonderfully complex liqueur. The complexity rests on a solid foundation borrowed from timeless classics such as Last Word or Paper Plane and has an ambition to be just as revered and memorable.
Diablo Amargo
Spanish for "Bitter Devil", this cocktail initially takes you down a narrow hallway of orange & chocolate, but soon opens you up to a world of spice to complement the inner demon. Creating a spicy Coca-Cola syrup inspired me to include mezcal in my coffee Negroni and creating a red chili and black pepper-infused Campari followed soon after, developing the *perfect* amount of spice for this drink. Smoke, heat, bitter, sweet, bright and dark. Hell with a small slice of Heaven. Cheers!
This is just my play on a White Russian and Dominicana. Took it a step further with giving the whip cream a little bit of flavor and add banana liquor to it.
Campo de’ Fiori
One of the fondest memories from my honeymoon in Rome for both my wife and I, was sitting in a piazza having a croissant and a cappuccino in the morning. To creat this cocktail I fat washed bourbon with some butter in order to remember the utter croissant. And then infused some campari with cacao nibs as my wife enjoys a chocolate croissant. Finally I decided to make this an egg white cocktail in order to get a nice foam on top along with the Mr. Blank to remember the delicious cappuccino
Late Night in Sicily
Who does coffee better than Italy? This cocktail is a bit of a riff on a Negroni. I wanted a sipper, something I could envision sipping after dinner outside a cafe, listening to a live quartet. I wanted to ensure I kept the Mr. Black flavor, but also balance it with some sweet and spicy notes. So, I went with a Bourbon base, then Mr. Black, a touch of chocolate and some Italian aperitifs, Averna and Cynar. Hit it with a touch of spiced bitters over a solid ice cube and enjoy!
Death Star in Dublin
A rich, dessert-like cocktail fit for only the true Sith Lord. I was inspired by Star Wars when I wanted to include a rinse of Green Chartreuse, reminding me of Anakin Skywalker's green lightsaber as a young padawan. His terse, stoic manner always reminded me that of my old-fashioned Irish relatives so I felt like this espresso martini riff would allow Mr. Skywalker to lighten up, whether the setting being at a cantina on Tattooine or in his quarters on the Death Star. Notes: Anise, fennel, blueberry, apples, almond, chocolate.
Black Thai Affair
What isn't there to love about a formal occasion? This drink combines all my favorites into a rich aromatic cocktail in which notes of toasted caramel and the sweetness of aged rum lie beneath a smooth cream layer, mingling delightfully with the bold Mr. Black cold brew coffee liqueur and finished with the lingering not-so-subtle spicy Thai bitters.
Sweater Weather
This is a summery beachy cold brew coffee meets wintery whiskey sour. In Atlanta, this is the perfect drink to enjoy during that post fake fall/second summer time. It tastes like fall with the refreshing chill of a summer drink to beat the late October heat
Senor de los Ceilos
I’m a big fan of Abasolo Mexican whisky, so when Mr Black came out with the amaro sku, it was the perfect combo for a riff on the paper plane cocktail
The Basic Bobitt
If you aren't already that person, everyone has that "Basic" friend who just can't wait for fall to hit, the leaves to change, the pumpkin spice to flow... this drink is for them (and everyone else) This one goes out to you B! As basic as they come, and one of the best friends a person can ask for!
Russian Reaper
Halloween is what inspired me and my husbands love for all things spicy. I took a bottle of Tito’s vodka and infused it for 24 hrs with a Carolina Reaper pepper. I then removed the pepper after the 24 hour infusion and made a creamy cocktail to tame the heat of the pepper.
Toasted Sunset
Inspired by the Trinidad Sour, this cocktail tastes like every great after-dinner flavor complementing each other: coffee, chocolate, peanut butter, and a hint of citrus and nuts. The combination of bourbon and citrus helps create a taste of peanut butter, while the half ounce of Angostura Bitters and orgeat together provide a smooth and complex texture for the drink. It's the perfect cocktail to enjoy after a Sunday evening dinner to close out the weekend.
Let ‘er Bite
This tiramisu inspired cocktail is simple and sexy, like dressed up cowboy. It is creamy to start, sweet in the middle, and a has little spice to finish. I make it with Pendleton Whiskey but you can do it with any of your preferred whiskeys.
The cocktail is the favorite of the main character of a story I am writing - the drink is includes a specific mix of both simple and more exotic ingredients to reflect a displaced wealthy character. I wanted to draw focus to the coffee liqueur to both complement the malt flavors of the Irish whiskey while emphasizing to the contrast in the environments in which the two products are made. Maraschino cherry garnish leaves room for aromatic focus on coffee and spices, especially as the drink warms.
The Bartenders Brekkie
Whether you're looking for a little hair of the dog or just to keep the party going, you're sure to enjoy these classic breakfast flavors, delightfully blended into the perfect drink. This cocktail was inspired by the classic coffee drink, the au lait, and the St Patrick's day special, the irish breakfast shot.
The Mr-E Continues
For the indecisive amongst us, this creamy cocktail is full of coffee, tea, sweet spice, and everything nice. Rich coffee carries through this cocktail, weaving together the supportive flavors of cinnamon, ginger, and Darjeeling tea. Sweet maple whipped cream is the finishing touch to this luxuriously crafted libation – perfect for afternoons lost in your favorite novel or an after-dinner indulgence.
Afternoon Flip
Afternoon Flip is essentially a decadent coffee flip with added caramel notes from the rum and some bright and fresh herbal notes from the lemongrass infused banana liqueur. Inspiration comes from my mom's lemongrass coffee which she often serves whenever I visit home during Christmas vacations. Unusual combination on paper but it worked so well that I thought of using it in a cocktail someday. This cocktail takes inspiration from these flavours coming together to create a super tasty treat.
Uptown Café Punch
I wanted to create a drink that combined Mr. Black & rum. Seeing as coffee is often drank with milk, I drew inspiration from the Jamaican Milk Punch. However I wanted to put a bit of a fancier twist on it and make it in a way where it could be served similar to an espresso martini and built in a way where Mr. Black was still the star of the show. I found using yogurt instead of heavy cream still provided a creamy texture without over diluting the flavor profiles of the rum & Mr. Black. Enjoy!
Spicy Pineapple Switchel
This cocktail blends the bright, sweet acidity of a well crafted shrub with the bold, dark notes of coffee and chocolate with just a hint of heat to bring something together that both new and experienced palates can enjoy. I was inspired to make this cocktail partially because I enjoy the bright refreshing notes of cold brew coffee or espresso with a lemonade (it really cuts the heat of the day away) and also I enjoy the way the flavors mix so well in something like a mole poblano
Café & Cross
I got into cocktails during quarantine and fell in love with Mr. Black. I also fell in love with rum and Smith & Cross is among my favorites. I think this cocktail brings some tropical funk and spice to Mr. Black that works very well. Cheers!
A Simple Conversation
A cocktail to engage in conversation but still be acceptable throughout the day. Sessionable but also enjoyable. Incapsulating cultures in a glass.
Romano Hermano
The muse for this cocktail was the oddball pairing of lemon and espresso in the traditional coffee drink 'Espresso Romano,' usually served as a double shot of espresso with a lemon twist. The tartness from the lemon is balanced by the smoothness of the reposado tequila, the fullness of Mr Black, and sweetened with vanilla syrup. Finished with a single dash of chocolate bitters, this drink is decadent, flavorful, and unconventional. Hermano is Spanish for brother, creating a snappy, fitting name.
Banoffee Pie
Two things I've always found work nicely together are banana and coffee so what better way than to mix the flavours together into a cocktail. The combination of Mr Black and Volare Banana Liquor blends together in such a way it could only be complimented by Rum and Vanilla. I have chosen Ninefold Dormont Spiced as its a delicious rum and I recently visited the distillery. And Licor 43 adds the vanilla notes which work so well with a Banoffee Pie flavour.
Cascara Castaway
I've loved coffee even longer than I've loved cocktails, so I set out to create a tropical drink that reminded me of flavor of cascara (the fruit of a coffee plant). I used cream of coconut to give the drink a tropical twist, and utilized a combination of orange peels, lime juice, and passionfruit syrup to recreate the flavor of cascara. To add to the tropical vibe of the drink, I used an orchid for garnish.
Black Razzle
Some of my favorite things (besides straight coffee) are caramel mocha lattes and chocolate covered raspberries. I tried to incorporate these flavors into the drink.
Moon Shot
When toying around on our La Marzocco PB Linea, I was watching the surf break just outside High/Low in at the Oceanside Pier in CA and grabbed a bottle of Mr. Black for a guest who wanted an Espresso Martini riff just before closing time to head out for a nightly full moon surfing session. The flavors layer wonderfully and the buzz is fantastic. If only we could surf under a full moon every night!
El Café Frío Mexicano
This cocktail is inspired by the Latin American tradition of spicy, cinnamon-flavored hot chocolate. Though you won't find this cocktail warm by any means, the subtle sweetness of the Mr Black combined with homemade cinnamon simple plays well with the heat of the Ancho Reyes Liqueur and the acidity of the lemon juice, and of course the depth of the Hornitos Black Barrel Añejo, aged in charred oak barrels. Add a pinch of salt and an egg white, and you have a new favorite afternoon cocktail.
The Unexpected
This cocktail is called The Unexpected because I could not find the overproof rum that I was looking for in my area. The other reason it is called The Unexpected is from the fact that it produced a taste that I was not expecting it to have.
Nutty Night
I saw a video by Steve where he says an affogato can go with either Mr. Black, Frangelico or other liquors. I thought the combination of hazelnut with coffe would be great, but because I didn't have Frangelico I tried mixing Mr. Black with amaretto on 1:1 ratio. It was too sweet, so I added more Mr. Black and a bit of whiskey to lower the sweetness. The sweetness of the drink made me think of dessert, and thought the perfect topping would be some heavy cream. I sipped, sat back and relaxed.
Gentlemen’s Agreement
This is cocktail is inspired by the Left and Right Hand cocktails. It is inspired by Leandro and Steve with the two cocktail's from Leandro and Steves advice on making a signature. Please enjoy because I had fun with this cocktail, and I think that is the ultimate goal in making and consuming cocktails is to have fun.
Mexican Old Fashioned
Mr. Black's Mexican Old Fashioned was a natural combination of tastes I enjoy. I love coffee and agave drinks. Anything made with Mezcal or Tequila is something I'll try. I'd heard of tequila and coffee cocktails, and I've had Oaxaca Old Fashioneds and loved them. This was a way for me to experiment with some of my favorite flavors, and it worked!
Named after the Ultra-Black coating that absorbs 99% of all visible light. A stirred down amalgamation of my favourite flavour profiles. A bold and boozy libation with a toasty and cloying finish.
Super Drunk Uncle on Holiday
My attempt at a slightly tikified/tropical version of one my favourite drinks, the Super Drunk Uncle by Johnny Swet. It’s usually a playful mix of scotch, drambuie lemon juice and orange curaçao, topped with an IPA beer. I wanted to keep the same idea but make it a dark, tikified, tropical drink. I swapped the lemon out for orange and pineapple, replaced drambuie with falernum to give it a slightly spicy edge, and used a mix of Jamaican and Barbadian rums in place of the usual scotch to really turn up the dial on the tropical. The addition of Mr Black rounds off the drink with a coffee bitterness that balances nicely with the inherent sweetness, and the use of a coffee Porter instead of an IPA highlights the coffee. My measurements are quite small due to my glassware, but feel free to up the proportions to fit whatever glass you have!
Black Sunshine
What if we took the 50:50 Martini template and crossed it with an Espresso Martini? Would we have fun?! YES. Would it be delicious?! ALSO YES. It’s such a simple template anyone can enjoy this drink equally at home or in a bar. The 50:50 ratio allows the Mr. Black and lemon gin to perfectly complement each other, along with a couple dashes of bitters. Lemon bitters are great but this template is great with any number of other bitters. The combo Mr Black & lemon gin is a perfect template.
Smokey Greek Brew
When thinking about putting together this cocktail, I wanted to bring together a flavor profile that highlights what I love when I enjoy my coffee. From the almonds in the orgeat to the vanilla flavor of the vodka, it just came together for me. Hope you like it! Cheers!
Some Like it Hot.
I was reading about "Cafe di Reflessione" in a recent Punch article. Fresh herbs, citrus peels and coffee beans are steeped in hot water, and then the liquid is combined with an Amaro. I tried the version below in my Moka Coffee Pot, and it tasted heavenly. The first smell was fresh rosemary, and when I tasted it, the flavours of both lemon and rosemary, were subtle, whilst the oils in the peel and the rosemary lent a mellow edge to the drink. A perfect base for a cocktail, hot or cold!
A Wake at Noon
Feeling like death after a night out? Ummm, its turns out you are dead. Luckily a little hair of the dog can wake you up just in time for your funeral. The lemon and pineapple juices bring brightness to this Tiki cocktail, inspired by the "Painkiller". To bad that will not be the cure to your crazy night....
Mele Kalikimaka
I was inspired by one of my favorite Christmas candies, a 'Chocolate Orange' that you crack open into segments by slamming on a hard surface, as well one of my favorite coffee shops located in Siesta Key, which has a Hawaiian vibe to it. This cocktail combines the refreshing and tropical taste of coconut iced coffee with the surprisingly delicious taste of orange. The inclusion of dark rum, orgeat, and chocolate bitters give this cocktail the candy-like flavor without being overpowering.
The Quick Black Fox
The Quick Black Fox was inspired by a hike I took in the San Juan Islands to see the idyllic beaches, pastoral landscapes and their famous Black Foxes. The drink has fortifying spicy rye, a hint of tropical salinity from coconut fat washed amontillado Sherry, a whisper of pine, and it’s all wrapped together in decadence with Mr Black Cold Brew Liqueur. This cocktail keeps me cozy, yet alert, on the lookout for a quick black fox.
Hungarian horntail
For the past two weeks I have been thinking intently about what kind of cocktail to send you. Until last night I had no idea. Then came enlightenment. Last night as I picked up fruit for my bar; I saw vibrant chillis and I thought about adding some heat. I’m sure you will enjoy the kick that these hellfire bitters give to this blend of tequila, Sherry and of course, Mr Black. It’s a smooth concoction that gets the most from its disparate elements.
Monte Caffe
A coffee twist on one of my favorite improved whiskey cocktails.
Oaxacan Iced Latte
A spicy, earthy take on the classic spirit and coffee dessert drink spec.
MR. Mme Rouge
I thought it would be fun to try and create a colourful coffee cocktail, with a fruit profile. When I looked through my bitters box, I found some El Guapo Love Potion Bitters. I could have sworn it was called "Love Potion Number Nine." With that little bottle in my hand, and a bottle of Mr Black close by, I mixed it up, "right there in the sink." There the similarity ends. It smelt and tasted wonderful, fruity with the mellowness of coffee. One could say "Enchanting".
Fuzzy Dream
Inspired by the interesting combination of coffee with orange juice and the welcome flavors of the synthesis of Mr Black and Galliano, I began to experiment on the Golden Dream. The result, the Fuzzy Dream, is a sweet, fruity coffee cocktail with subtle spicy notes, at once creamy and refreshing, enhanced by its curious texture.
Coffee Fairy
The basic idea for this drink was: what if you mix mr black with absinthe? The first version was basically an absinthe sour with mr black added. The result was... bland. Both the mr black and the absinthe was very muted. Some experimenting led me to this version.
Mr. Black’s Vacation
Covid-19 has closed so many countries boarders. So many of us haven't been able to take a vacation all year. I wanted to create something that reminded me of being on vacation somewhere tropical as it starts to get cooler in the US. I also wanted to bring out the fruity notes of the coffee while still maintaining the flavor. I created a well balanced cocktail the is both sweet, tart, fruity, and coffee flavored on the back end of the drink.
Kentucky Eye-Opener
I was inspired by the White Russian. I kept the cream and coffee liqueur , using Mr Black of course. I prefer bourbon over vodka, so that was an easy switch. A shot of espresso gave it an eye-opening kick. The vanilla simple syrup has it slide down easy. 5 simple ingredients in equal parts makes this a quick an easy fix when you need a boost.
Mr Blacks Martini
Really enjoy making and drinking espresso martinis, I suppose this is a bit of a twist of the classic as well as using one of my favourite rums.
Mr. Beso
Roselle is a famous agricultural product in Taiwan, also a kind of healthy food. Blend the Roselle with the famous wine of Australia, Mr. Black, will bring you a different vibe of taste! Why don't you try this easy-breezy recipe and enjoy the relaxing moment?
Foggy Glasses
Foggy Glasses is what you get if you try this spicy cocktail in a cold winter's night in my coffee-loving home country Norway. Balancing sweetness of cocoa with bitterness of coffee, spiced up with jalapeno and boosted with tequila. This is my contribution to cross border creativity, combining ingredients from different continents. I hope you like it!
I created this cocktail a few months ago before even knowing of this challenge because I always wanted to make a cocktail with coffee that I enjoy, not like the espresso martini. I think that the slightly sweet taste of the Scotch fits great with the tonka bean and the chocolate on top. I added the spicy syrup because I wanted a contrast to the bitter nature of the coffee.
La Mañanita
This inspiration comes from a mixture of my Mexican heritage and bringing in different kinds of flavors to my friends who like to add some cream to their coffee.
Café de la mañana
Among the combination of my Mexican heritage, I wanted to create a cocktail where it can not only hit home but also bring in an expression of original flavors.
Leaded Fog
Inspired by my favorite cardamom flavored rice pudding, this cocktail is a refreshing, not-too-sweet, concoction of coconut milk with coffee and orange flavors. Each sip ends with a subtle kick of cardamom
Mr. Black Colada
This cocktail was inspired by the recent mezcal box we enjoyed from Shaker & Spoon and our 4 year old son's obsession with the fresh pecans that are just beginning to fall off the tree this year. It's a summer drink with a smoky fall twist that we have decided is what we will drink here in Texas until our calendar fall turns into real fall!
Dark Desire
This cocktail is purely a collection of some of my favourite spirits. A mix of flavours that works surprisingly well together. This cocktail delivers a beautifully aromatic bouquet of citrus, followed by the rich coffee body of Mr Black and finished with the somehow subtle peated influence of Laphroaig
Brunch on the Beach
Inspired by my hipster-bougie lifestyle, Brunch on the Beach is a Polynesian Popped version of Sex on the Beach - it's an adventure in flavor. This is meant to be had in the early afternoon on the weekend - but let's be honest: Brunch is everyday. I'll see you at the beach.
Breakfast Negroni
We just ended a wonderful Negroni Week, so what better way then to draw inspiration from the cocktail that is a favorite amongst bartenders! Retaining the bittersweet taste profile, we chose to use an aged Gin which brings oakiness to complement the amazing coffee flavors in Mr. Black. We decided to incorporate summer fruit flavors through our Raspberry and Passion Fruit foam, just like how a great breakfast is about having a jam sandwich with a cup of hot coffee to give your day a good start!
Gingerbread Buzz
This martini reminds you of homemade gingerbread cookies, accompanied by a good cup of coffee. Combined together in one yummy drink! Featuring a homemade gingerbread syrup, it's easy to pull together.
LakeVieux Carre
This cocktail was inspired by the classic Vieux Carre which referred to the historic area ("old square" or French Quarter) of New Orleans where it was created. We too live in an area rich in history along beautiful Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. What better way to pay homage to that beauty than create a cocktail worth sipping fireside with a lake view.
Courage of Australia
This is a drink that represents my yearning for Australia. Avocado is the most nutritious fruit in the world, and is called “Happiness Fruit” in Taiwan. The first time I ate avocado was in a Cafe in Melbourne. Fried sourdough bread with butter, Vegemite spray, and avocado slices. It’s just an ordinary daily breakfast for Aussie, but for me, it’s the most impressive taste of AU. So I choose the flavored water which mixed Vegemite and avocado seed to create the special flavor for the drink. The avocado cream on the top is just like coffee crema when drink it, you can feel fully avocado aroma first, and Vegemite will tickle your taste buds as the end.
Coffee and Kola
Coffee and Kola was developed as an after dinner digestive cocktail as a way to avoid the postprandial somnolence aka. 'food coma' that comes with finishing a hefty meal. Coffee, Ginko and bitter Kola are combined and carried by the warming cognac to pep the weariest of us back to life.
Boozy Brunch Stout
It’s a breakfast cocktail pretending to be a stout, a harmonious combination of coffee, spices, chocolate and smoky flavor. Nitrogen (N2) is added to the drink to make a rich, silky texture, and a creamy foam head. Grab a low alcohol drink with your brunch and have a chill day.
Moonless Night
When I tasted Mr. Black I was really intrigued by all the fruity notes of the cold brew, so I decided to try to focus on those. The first thing I tried was just a 1:1 mix of Jamaican rum and Mr. Black. That seemed to be going great so I kept testing. The rye came last minute and I think it really helps bring up some of the richer chocolatey flavors of the coffee. The whole thing had a bit of a coffee and cherry pie vibe in the end so I thought of "black as the sky on a moonless night."
Coffee Bang! Bang!
If a cup of coffee is not enough to get you feeling energetic, why don’t you try a fascinating one. Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur Bang! Bourbon Whiskey Bang! It will taste salty and sweet, with some barley flavor at the same time. It also tastes like toffee. Enjoy it!!!
Right Hand Grinder
My riff on Mickey McIlroy’s The Right Hand. The funk of the Jamaican rum brings out the fruit notes of the coffee in Mr. Black. Swapping in Aperol in the recipe allowed a more subtle bitterness that allows rom for the Mr. Black to shine.
Left Hand Grinder
This cocktail is my riff upon Sam Ross's Left Hand Cocktail. Changing out the Campari for Aperol allows the Mr Black to shine through with a better balance.
Orange kohi
Lately I’ve been using and tasting a lot of Japanese spirits. This cocktail is inspired by simple and pure Japanese culture mixed with bitter and complex style of Western world. The beauty of this drink is in the simplicity and purity of the look and preparation. Yet it is still complex and deep in flavour giving us that velvety smooth mouth feel delivering on all fronts, which lingers on your taste buds. Showcasing pure Haku vodka made out of rice, with its softness it goes extremely well with the pure cold brew coffee taste of Mr Black. Adding in Italian Bitter for complexity and then Vanilla syrup to tie it all together with some sweetness. Oils from orange add freshness and helps to integrate Campari to boost this sensation in your mouth. Name Orange kohi is inspired from Japanese language since ‘kohi’ means ‘coffee’ and orange is a play on the name ‘Haku’ which is ‘white’.
For me who loves cold brew coffee. When I met Mr. Black, I fell in love with him deeply. The idea of ​​this cocktail comes from the fact that I always want to have a cup of hazelnut black coffee at work. Because I want to add a refreshing fruit aroma, I choose Western pear and use Gold rum to bring out a sense of hierarchy.
Mr Monte Eagle
I enjoy a Boulavadier but sometimes I want a bitter sweet drink and when I saw a receipe that utilises a cacao infused campari and Mr black, I tried it and I really enjoyed it but then I thought let's add the amaro montenegro, replacing the red vermouth for a bitter sweet, citrusy flavour profile. Thus this drink is born!
I wanted to try something layered and contrasted, Sweet and Bitter, Black and White. Smooth and Grainy
The Hemingway Café
This cocktail is a variation on the classic Hemingway Daiquiri. With just a few slight changes, including the addition of Mr. Black, an entirely new and unique tasting cocktail comes out!
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