Brunch on the Beach
Inspired by my hipster-bougie lifestyle, Brunch on the Beach is a Polynesian Popped version of Sex on the Beach - it's an adventure in flavor. This is meant to be had in the early afternoon on the weekend - but let's be honest: Brunch is everyday. I'll see you at the beach.
Breakfast Negroni
We just ended a wonderful Negroni Week, so what better way then to draw inspiration from the cocktail that is a favorite amongst bartenders! Retaining the bittersweet taste profile, we chose to use an aged Gin which brings oakiness to complement the amazing coffee flavors in Mr. Black. We decided to incorporate summer fruit flavors through our Raspberry and Passion Fruit foam, just like how a great breakfast is about having a jam sandwich with a cup of hot coffee to give your day a good start!
Gingerbread Buzz
This martini reminds you of homemade gingerbread cookies, accompanied by a good cup of coffee. Combined together in one yummy drink! Featuring a homemade gingerbread syrup, it's easy to pull together.
LakeVieux Carre
This cocktail was inspired by the classic Vieux Carre which referred to the historic area ("old square" or French Quarter) of New Orleans where it was created. We too live in an area rich in history along beautiful Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. What better way to pay homage to that beauty than create a cocktail worth sipping fireside with a lake view.
Courage of Australia
This is a drink that represents my yearning for Australia. Avocado is the most nutritious fruit in the world, and is called “Happiness Fruit” in Taiwan. The first time I ate avocado was in a Cafe in Melbourne. Fried sourdough bread with butter, Vegemite spray, and avocado slices. It’s just an ordinary daily breakfast for Aussie, but for me, it’s the most impressive taste of AU. So I choose the flavored water which mixed Vegemite and avocado seed to create the special flavor for the drink. The avocado cream on the top is just like coffee crema when drink it, you can feel fully avocado aroma first, and Vegemite will tickle your taste buds as the end.
Coffee and Kola
Coffee and Kola was developed as an after dinner digestive cocktail as a way to avoid the postprandial somnolence aka. 'food coma' that comes with finishing a hefty meal. Coffee, Ginko and bitter Kola are combined and carried by the warming cognac to pep the weariest of us back to life.
Boozy Brunch Stout
It’s a breakfast cocktail pretending to be a stout, a harmonious combination of coffee, spices, chocolate and smoky flavor. Nitrogen (N2) is added to the drink to make a rich, silky texture, and a creamy foam head. Grab a low alcohol drink with your brunch and have a chill day.
Moonless Night
When I tasted Mr. Black I was really intrigued by all the fruity notes of the cold brew, so I decided to try to focus on those. The first thing I tried was just a 1:1 mix of Jamaican rum and Mr. Black. That seemed to be going great so I kept testing. The rye came last minute and I think it really helps bring up some of the richer chocolatey flavors of the coffee. The whole thing had a bit of a coffee and cherry pie vibe in the end so I thought of "black as the sky on a moonless night."
Coffee Bang! Bang!
If a cup of coffee is not enough to get you feeling energetic, why don’t you try a fascinating one. Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur Bang! Bourbon Whiskey Bang! It will taste salty and sweet, with some barley flavor at the same time. It also tastes like toffee. Enjoy it!!!
Right Hand Grinder
My riff on Mickey McIlroy’s The Right Hand. The funk of the Jamaican rum brings out the fruit notes of the coffee in Mr. Black. Swapping in Aperol in the recipe allowed a more subtle bitterness that allows rom for the Mr. Black to shine.
Left Hand Grinder
This cocktail is my riff upon Sam Ross's Left Hand Cocktail. Changing out the Campari for Aperol allows the Mr Black to shine through with a better balance.
Orange kohi
Lately I’ve been using and tasting a lot of Japanese spirits. This cocktail is inspired by simple and pure Japanese culture mixed with bitter and complex style of Western world. The beauty of this drink is in the simplicity and purity of the look and preparation. Yet it is still complex and deep in flavour giving us that velvety smooth mouth feel delivering on all fronts, which lingers on your taste buds. Showcasing pure Haku vodka made out of rice, with its softness it goes extremely well with the pure cold brew coffee taste of Mr Black. Adding in Italian Bitter for complexity and then Vanilla syrup to tie it all together with some sweetness. Oils from orange add freshness and helps to integrate Campari to boost this sensation in your mouth. Name Orange kohi is inspired from Japanese language since ‘kohi’ means ‘coffee’ and orange is a play on the name ‘Haku’ which is ‘white’.
For me who loves cold brew coffee. When I met Mr. Black, I fell in love with him deeply. The idea of ​​this cocktail comes from the fact that I always want to have a cup of hazelnut black coffee at work. Because I want to add a refreshing fruit aroma, I choose Western pear and use Gold rum to bring out a sense of hierarchy.
Mr Monte Eagle
I enjoy a Boulavadier but sometimes I want a bitter sweet drink and when I saw a receipe that utilises a cacao infused campari and Mr black, I tried it and I really enjoyed it but then I thought let's add the amaro montenegro, replacing the red vermouth for a bitter sweet, citrusy flavour profile. Thus this drink is born!
I wanted to try something layered and contrasted, Sweet and Bitter, Black and White. Smooth and Grainy
The Hemingway Café
This cocktail is a variation on the classic Hemingway Daiquiri. With just a few slight changes, including the addition of Mr. Black, an entirely new and unique tasting cocktail comes out!
Mr. Black is a brand that uses top-quality Arabica coffee and Australian wheat vodka and is handmade. They presents the flavor of the original materials. When you have the right supplies made from the best materials, all it takes is the simplest skills to create a glass of delicious cocktail. I use Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur combined with strawberry liqueur and American whiskey to present multiple levels of flavor and the smoothest taste in order to break the traditional viewpoint of coffee.
The Cold Brew Sour
This cocktail was inspired by Jeffrey Morganthaler’s Amaretto Sour. As the title suggests, the Amaretto Sour features Amaretto, a liqueur, instead of a liquor. Jeffrey Morganthaler takes that cocktail a step further by adding a little of spirit to bolster the liqueur. While Mr. Black is a great supporting character in many cocktails, it’s the star in this one!
My (Tai) Morning Coffee
I love Mai Tais and other tiki drinks, and I love boozy coffee. So I decided to combine the two! The title was inspired by this song.
Inspired by the tiki drink, Mr Bali Hai, coffee and orange is such a nice pairing and it can be utilise to make a refreshing drink. So why not combined both into a tiki style drink. The orange olea saccrum adds a subtle bitter sweetness to that really enhances the coffee flavour of Mr Black with the rums giving it some body to the drink. Will this Orange be the new black?
Sweet Morning
I wanted something to remind me of my last years in Colombia. Before Leaving to School some people would have Orange Juice and Hot Chocolate. I had Mango Juice and Coffee (albeit super Sweet). It was a weird mix, but I liked it so I wanted to try something playing around with those 2 flavors at least.
Macadamias, banana, vanilla, coffee and rum. What's not to love? In the theme of a blend of both West indies and Australia's sprits/liqueurs, this cocktail aims to highlight the best notes of the rum with the botanicals of the liqueurs, bitters and syrup as a reinforcement. Wonderful sweet start followed by a slight nutty, banana and coffee note. Finishes on a slight rum, slight coffee, slight banana and slight vanilla aftertaste.
When people think of diametric opposites, coffee and lemon are up there. But with extra levels of juniper and a slight sweet it can be quite wonderful. Truth be told this is just a simple combo of a juniper forward gin and a sweet citrus in contrast with a coffee bitter. It finishes on a nice citrus sweet note and a slight high yet subtle juniper and sweet coffee aftertaste.
If one day I leave, would you look for me like him? Will you always find me until death? They met and returned in a sea of ​​people. Using Mr. Black liqueur and a little frangelico, it complements the aroma of homemade sesame mousse. The aroma of coffee and nuts are like two people in an ambiguous relationship that is so fit, and the bitterness of Fernet slowly appears in the final rhyme. The cheese on the edge of the cup brings you a novel taste and visual impact, just like a dawn to save her.
Enjoy your time and booze. Taiwanese culture 「Mid-Autumn Festival 」as lenovo. Mix grapefruit with coffee Presents a refreshing and bitter taste.
Live and Let Die
The 1973 James Bond film "Live and let die" has been an iconic film to me and this cocktail is a something I can imagine James drinking in a San Monique Hotel. It's a Mr potato head of a vesper martini subbing the Lillet for Mr black, removing the absinthe and adding a bar spoon simple. Gin and a sweet coffee forward, followed by the a light sweetness and a lingering juniper.
Tanned Flame
Something Simple but with an strong impact flavor. Chocolate like Flavor with a lingering tingling from spicy. The contrast of the cold chilled mix with the heat of the Cayenne Pepper Powder
Black coco
I was playing around with a vegan alternative to a traditional white russian cocktail and found this to be the best tasting version. The maple syrup really pulls the coconut to the forefront for a new take on the classic drink. I think this drink would be perfect for the holiday season with some whipped (coconut) cream and nutmeg on top! Enjoy 🙂
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