Mexican Old Fashioned
Mr. Black's Mexican Old Fashioned was a natural combination of tastes I enjoy. I love coffee and agave drinks. Anything made with Mezcal or Tequila is something I'll try. I'd heard of tequila and coffee cocktails, and I've had Oaxaca Old Fashioneds and loved them. This was a way for me to experiment with some of my favorite flavors, and it worked!
Named after the Ultra-Black coating that absorbs 99% of all visible light. A stirred down amalgamation of my favourite flavour profiles. A bold and boozy libation with a toasty and cloying finish.
Super Drunk Uncle on Holiday
My attempt at a slightly tikified/tropical version of one my favourite drinks, the Super Drunk Uncle by Johnny Swet. It’s usually a playful mix of scotch, drambuie lemon juice and orange curaçao, topped with an IPA beer. I wanted to keep the same idea but make it a dark, tikified, tropical drink. I swapped the lemon out for orange and pineapple, replaced drambuie with falernum to give it a slightly spicy edge, and used a mix of Jamaican and Barbadian rums in place of the usual scotch to really turn up the dial on the tropical. The addition of Mr Black rounds off the drink with a coffee bitterness that balances nicely with the inherent sweetness, and the use of a coffee Porter instead of an IPA highlights the coffee. My measurements are quite small due to my glassware, but feel free to up the proportions to fit whatever glass you have!
Black Sunshine
What if we took the 50:50 Martini template and crossed it with an Espresso Martini? Would we have fun?! YES. Would it be delicious?! ALSO YES. It’s such a simple template anyone can enjoy this drink equally at home or in a bar. The 50:50 ratio allows the Mr. Black and lemon gin to perfectly complement each other, along with a couple dashes of bitters. Lemon bitters are great but this template is great with any number of other bitters. The combo Mr Black & lemon gin is a perfect template.
Smokey Greek Brew
When thinking about putting together this cocktail, I wanted to bring together a flavor profile that highlights what I love when I enjoy my coffee. From the almonds in the orgeat to the vanilla flavor of the vodka, it just came together for me. Hope you like it! Cheers!
Some Like it Hot.
I was reading about "Cafe di Reflessione" in a recent Punch article. Fresh herbs, citrus peels and coffee beans are steeped in hot water, and then the liquid is combined with an Amaro. I tried the version below in my Moka Coffee Pot, and it tasted heavenly. The first smell was fresh rosemary, and when I tasted it, the flavours of both lemon and rosemary, were subtle, whilst the oils in the peel and the rosemary lent a mellow edge to the drink. A perfect base for a cocktail, hot or cold!
A Wake at Noon
Feeling like death after a night out? Ummm, its turns out you are dead. Luckily a little hair of the dog can wake you up just in time for your funeral. The lemon and pineapple juices bring brightness to this Tiki cocktail, inspired by the "Painkiller". To bad that will not be the cure to your crazy night....
Mele Kalikimaka
I was inspired by one of my favorite Christmas candies, a 'Chocolate Orange' that you crack open into segments by slamming on a hard surface, as well one of my favorite coffee shops located in Siesta Key, which has a Hawaiian vibe to it. This cocktail combines the refreshing and tropical taste of coconut iced coffee with the surprisingly delicious taste of orange. The inclusion of dark rum, orgeat, and chocolate bitters give this cocktail the candy-like flavor without being overpowering.
The Quick Black Fox
The Quick Black Fox was inspired by a hike I took in the San Juan Islands to see the idyllic beaches, pastoral landscapes and their famous Black Foxes. The drink has fortifying spicy rye, a hint of tropical salinity from coconut fat washed amontillado Sherry, a whisper of pine, and it’s all wrapped together in decadence with Mr Black Cold Brew Liqueur. This cocktail keeps me cozy, yet alert, on the lookout for a quick black fox.
Hungarian horntail
For the past two weeks I have been thinking intently about what kind of cocktail to send you. Until last night I had no idea. Then came enlightenment. Last night as I picked up fruit for my bar; I saw vibrant chillis and I thought about adding some heat. I’m sure you will enjoy the kick that these hellfire bitters give to this blend of tequila, Sherry and of course, Mr Black. It’s a smooth concoction that gets the most from its disparate elements.
Monte Caffe
A coffee twist on one of my favorite improved whiskey cocktails.
Oaxacan Iced Latte
A spicy, earthy take on the classic spirit and coffee dessert drink spec.
MR. Mme Rouge
I thought it would be fun to try and create a colourful coffee cocktail, with a fruit profile. When I looked through my bitters box, I found some El Guapo Love Potion Bitters. I could have sworn it was called "Love Potion Number Nine." With that little bottle in my hand, and a bottle of Mr Black close by, I mixed it up, "right there in the sink." There the similarity ends. It smelt and tasted wonderful, fruity with the mellowness of coffee. One could say "Enchanting".
Fuzzy Dream
Inspired by the interesting combination of coffee with orange juice and the welcome flavors of the synthesis of Mr Black and Galliano, I began to experiment on the Golden Dream. The result, the Fuzzy Dream, is a sweet, fruity coffee cocktail with subtle spicy notes, at once creamy and refreshing, enhanced by its curious texture.
Coffee Fairy
The basic idea for this drink was: what if you mix mr black with absinthe? The first version was basically an absinthe sour with mr black added. The result was... bland. Both the mr black and the absinthe was very muted. Some experimenting led me to this version.
Mr. Black’s Vacation
Covid-19 has closed so many countries boarders. So many of us haven't been able to take a vacation all year. I wanted to create something that reminded me of being on vacation somewhere tropical as it starts to get cooler in the US. I also wanted to bring out the fruity notes of the coffee while still maintaining the flavor. I created a well balanced cocktail the is both sweet, tart, fruity, and coffee flavored on the back end of the drink.
Kentucky Eye-Opener
I was inspired by the White Russian. I kept the cream and coffee liqueur , using Mr Black of course. I prefer bourbon over vodka, so that was an easy switch. A shot of espresso gave it an eye-opening kick. The vanilla simple syrup has it slide down easy. 5 simple ingredients in equal parts makes this a quick an easy fix when you need a boost.
Mr Blacks Martini
Really enjoy making and drinking espresso martinis, I suppose this is a bit of a twist of the classic as well as using one of my favourite rums.
Mr. Beso
Roselle is a famous agricultural product in Taiwan, also a kind of healthy food. Blend the Roselle with the famous wine of Australia, Mr. Black, will bring you a different vibe of taste! Why don't you try this easy-breezy recipe and enjoy the relaxing moment?
Foggy Glasses
Foggy Glasses is what you get if you try this spicy cocktail in a cold winter's night in my coffee-loving home country Norway. Balancing sweetness of cocoa with bitterness of coffee, spiced up with jalapeno and boosted with tequila. This is my contribution to cross border creativity, combining ingredients from different continents. I hope you like it!
I created this cocktail a few months ago before even knowing of this challenge because I always wanted to make a cocktail with coffee that I enjoy, not like the espresso martini. I think that the slightly sweet taste of the Scotch fits great with the tonka bean and the chocolate on top. I added the spicy syrup because I wanted a contrast to the bitter nature of the coffee.
La Mañanita
This inspiration comes from a mixture of my Mexican heritage and bringing in different kinds of flavors to my friends who like to add some cream to their coffee.
Café de la mañana
Among the combination of my Mexican heritage, I wanted to create a cocktail where it can not only hit home but also bring in an expression of original flavors.
Leaded Fog
Inspired by my favorite cardamom flavored rice pudding, this cocktail is a refreshing, not-too-sweet, concoction of coconut milk with coffee and orange flavors. Each sip ends with a subtle kick of cardamom
Mr. Black Colada
This cocktail was inspired by the recent mezcal box we enjoyed from Shaker & Spoon and our 4 year old son's obsession with the fresh pecans that are just beginning to fall off the tree this year. It's a summer drink with a smoky fall twist that we have decided is what we will drink here in Texas until our calendar fall turns into real fall!
Dark Desire
This cocktail is purely a collection of some of my favourite spirits. A mix of flavours that works surprisingly well together. This cocktail delivers a beautifully aromatic bouquet of citrus, followed by the rich coffee body of Mr Black and finished with the somehow subtle peated influence of Laphroaig
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