Campo de’ Fiori
One of the fondest memories from my honeymoon in Rome for both my wife and I, was sitting in a piazza having a croissant and a cappuccino in the morning. To creat this cocktail I fat washed bourbon with some butter in order to remember the utter croissant. And then infused some campari with cacao nibs as my wife enjoys a chocolate croissant. Finally I decided to make this an egg white cocktail in order to get a nice foam on top along with the Mr. Blank to remember the delicious cappuccino
Late Night in Sicily
Who does coffee better than Italy? This cocktail is a bit of a riff on a Negroni. I wanted a sipper, something I could envision sipping after dinner outside a cafe, listening to a live quartet. I wanted to ensure I kept the Mr. Black flavor, but also balance it with some sweet and spicy notes. So, I went with a Bourbon base, then Mr. Black, a touch of chocolate and some Italian aperitifs, Averna and Cynar. Hit it with a touch of spiced bitters over a solid ice cube and enjoy!
Death Star in Dublin
A rich, dessert-like cocktail fit for only the true Sith Lord. I was inspired by Star Wars when I wanted to include a rinse of Green Chartreuse, reminding me of Anakin Skywalker's green lightsaber as a young padawan. His terse, stoic manner always reminded me that of my old-fashioned Irish relatives so I felt like this espresso martini riff would allow Mr. Skywalker to lighten up, whether the setting being at a cantina on Tattooine or in his quarters on the Death Star. Notes: Anise, fennel, blueberry, apples, almond, chocolate.
Black Thai Affair
What isn't there to love about a formal occasion? This drink combines all my favorites into a rich aromatic cocktail in which notes of toasted caramel and the sweetness of aged rum lie beneath a smooth cream layer, mingling delightfully with the bold Mr. Black cold brew coffee liqueur and finished with the lingering not-so-subtle spicy Thai bitters.
Sweater Weather
This is a summery beachy cold brew coffee meets wintery whiskey sour. In Atlanta, this is the perfect drink to enjoy during that post fake fall/second summer time. It tastes like fall with the refreshing chill of a summer drink to beat the late October heat
Senor de los Ceilos
I’m a big fan of Abasolo Mexican whisky, so when Mr Black came out with the amaro sku, it was the perfect combo for a riff on the paper plane cocktail
The Basic Bobitt
If you aren't already that person, everyone has that "Basic" friend who just can't wait for fall to hit, the leaves to change, the pumpkin spice to flow... this drink is for them (and everyone else) This one goes out to you B! As basic as they come, and one of the best friends a person can ask for!
Russian Reaper
Halloween is what inspired me and my husbands love for all things spicy. I took a bottle of Tito’s vodka and infused it for 24 hrs with a Carolina Reaper pepper. I then removed the pepper after the 24 hour infusion and made a creamy cocktail to tame the heat of the pepper.
Toasted Sunset
Inspired by the Trinidad Sour, this cocktail tastes like every great after-dinner flavor complementing each other: coffee, chocolate, peanut butter, and a hint of citrus and nuts. The combination of bourbon and citrus helps create a taste of peanut butter, while the half ounce of Angostura Bitters and orgeat together provide a smooth and complex texture for the drink. It's the perfect cocktail to enjoy after a Sunday evening dinner to close out the weekend.
Let ‘er Bite
This tiramisu inspired cocktail is simple and sexy, like dressed up cowboy. It is creamy to start, sweet in the middle, and a has little spice to finish. I make it with Pendleton Whiskey but you can do it with any of your preferred whiskeys.
The cocktail is the favorite of the main character of a story I am writing - the drink is includes a specific mix of both simple and more exotic ingredients to reflect a displaced wealthy character. I wanted to draw focus to the coffee liqueur to both complement the malt flavors of the Irish whiskey while emphasizing to the contrast in the environments in which the two products are made. Maraschino cherry garnish leaves room for aromatic focus on coffee and spices, especially as the drink warms.
The Bartenders Brekkie
Whether you're looking for a little hair of the dog or just to keep the party going, you're sure to enjoy these classic breakfast flavors, delightfully blended into the perfect drink. This cocktail was inspired by the classic coffee drink, the au lait, and the St Patrick's day special, the irish breakfast shot.
The Mr-E Continues
For the indecisive amongst us, this creamy cocktail is full of coffee, tea, sweet spice, and everything nice. Rich coffee carries through this cocktail, weaving together the supportive flavors of cinnamon, ginger, and Darjeeling tea. Sweet maple whipped cream is the finishing touch to this luxuriously crafted libation – perfect for afternoons lost in your favorite novel or an after-dinner indulgence.
Afternoon Flip
Afternoon Flip is essentially a decadent coffee flip with added caramel notes from the rum and some bright and fresh herbal notes from the lemongrass infused banana liqueur. Inspiration comes from my mom's lemongrass coffee which she often serves whenever I visit home during Christmas vacations. Unusual combination on paper but it worked so well that I thought of using it in a cocktail someday. This cocktail takes inspiration from these flavours coming together to create a super tasty treat.
Uptown Café Punch
I wanted to create a drink that combined Mr. Black & rum. Seeing as coffee is often drank with milk, I drew inspiration from the Jamaican Milk Punch. However I wanted to put a bit of a fancier twist on it and make it in a way where it could be served similar to an espresso martini and built in a way where Mr. Black was still the star of the show. I found using yogurt instead of heavy cream still provided a creamy texture without over diluting the flavor profiles of the rum & Mr. Black. Enjoy!
Spicy Pineapple Switchel
This cocktail blends the bright, sweet acidity of a well crafted shrub with the bold, dark notes of coffee and chocolate with just a hint of heat to bring something together that both new and experienced palates can enjoy. I was inspired to make this cocktail partially because I enjoy the bright refreshing notes of cold brew coffee or espresso with a lemonade (it really cuts the heat of the day away) and also I enjoy the way the flavors mix so well in something like a mole poblano
Café & Cross
I got into cocktails during quarantine and fell in love with Mr. Black. I also fell in love with rum and Smith & Cross is among my favorites. I think this cocktail brings some tropical funk and spice to Mr. Black that works very well. Cheers!
A Simple Conversation
A cocktail to engage in conversation but still be acceptable throughout the day. Sessionable but also enjoyable. Incapsulating cultures in a glass.
Romano Hermano
The muse for this cocktail was the oddball pairing of lemon and espresso in the traditional coffee drink 'Espresso Romano,' usually served as a double shot of espresso with a lemon twist. The tartness from the lemon is balanced by the smoothness of the reposado tequila, the fullness of Mr Black, and sweetened with vanilla syrup. Finished with a single dash of chocolate bitters, this drink is decadent, flavorful, and unconventional. Hermano is Spanish for brother, creating a snappy, fitting name.
Banoffee Pie
Two things I've always found work nicely together are banana and coffee so what better way than to mix the flavours together into a cocktail. The combination of Mr Black and Volare Banana Liquor blends together in such a way it could only be complimented by Rum and Vanilla. I have chosen Ninefold Dormont Spiced as its a delicious rum and I recently visited the distillery. And Licor 43 adds the vanilla notes which work so well with a Banoffee Pie flavour.
Cascara Castaway
I've loved coffee even longer than I've loved cocktails, so I set out to create a tropical drink that reminded me of flavor of cascara (the fruit of a coffee plant). I used cream of coconut to give the drink a tropical twist, and utilized a combination of orange peels, lime juice, and passionfruit syrup to recreate the flavor of cascara. To add to the tropical vibe of the drink, I used an orchid for garnish.
Black Razzle
Some of my favorite things (besides straight coffee) are caramel mocha lattes and chocolate covered raspberries. I tried to incorporate these flavors into the drink.
Moon Shot
When toying around on our La Marzocco PB Linea, I was watching the surf break just outside High/Low in at the Oceanside Pier in CA and grabbed a bottle of Mr. Black for a guest who wanted an Espresso Martini riff just before closing time to head out for a nightly full moon surfing session. The flavors layer wonderfully and the buzz is fantastic. If only we could surf under a full moon every night!
El Café Frío Mexicano
This cocktail is inspired by the Latin American tradition of spicy, cinnamon-flavored hot chocolate. Though you won't find this cocktail warm by any means, the subtle sweetness of the Mr Black combined with homemade cinnamon simple plays well with the heat of the Ancho Reyes Liqueur and the acidity of the lemon juice, and of course the depth of the Hornitos Black Barrel Añejo, aged in charred oak barrels. Add a pinch of salt and an egg white, and you have a new favorite afternoon cocktail.
The Unexpected
This cocktail is called The Unexpected because I could not find the overproof rum that I was looking for in my area. The other reason it is called The Unexpected is from the fact that it produced a taste that I was not expecting it to have.
Nutty Night
I saw a video by Steve where he says an affogato can go with either Mr. Black, Frangelico or other liquors. I thought the combination of hazelnut with coffe would be great, but because I didn't have Frangelico I tried mixing Mr. Black with amaretto on 1:1 ratio. It was too sweet, so I added more Mr. Black and a bit of whiskey to lower the sweetness. The sweetness of the drink made me think of dessert, and thought the perfect topping would be some heavy cream. I sipped, sat back and relaxed.
Gentlemen’s Agreement
This is cocktail is inspired by the Left and Right Hand cocktails. It is inspired by Leandro and Steve with the two cocktail's from Leandro and Steves advice on making a signature. Please enjoy because I had fun with this cocktail, and I think that is the ultimate goal in making and consuming cocktails is to have fun.
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